American Gangsters

American Gangsters


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American Gangsters torrent reviews

Peter W (br) wrote: Just incredible a must see

Lau H (ru) wrote: A great movie will let you forget the time, and yes, this movie is that great.

Paulina A (kr) wrote: Wow! I fancy this guy alot! Moore's perspective is so accurate and right that impresses me how come people dont open their eyes to reality. This is a very good documentary and guess if more people had seen it, Kerry could have won elections. Very good one!

shelly b (us) wrote: This sounds totally intolerant! I don't care if the followers of Islam have different practices then my own I can't stand people who declare them all to be bad people as the description of this film seems to me to do.

Diren Y (gb) wrote: Too 80's when it tries to get serious. But a joy to watch a confused and clumsy Redford.

Archie G (br) wrote: If you enjoy boring and depressing and unfunny films, this is perfect for you. My favourite part was the credits because that meant my suffering was over

Karmin C (mx) wrote: The third worst movie ever made.