American Gothic

American Gothic

When six friends fly off on a weekend getaway and are suddenly plagued by engine trouble, they're forced to land on a remote island. Looking for shelter, they're grateful to encounter Ma and Pa and their children - an eccentric family living in the island's backwoods. But what begins as simple hospitality turns into a terrifying race for survival as the friends start disappearing one by one ... and turning up dead.

On a lonely island in the Pacific Northwest, a group of travelers find themselves targeted by a crazed, homicidal family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cassandra M (kr) wrote: his was the first of the 6 major Italian Cannibal flicks of the 70's, (and early 80's). And it isn't that bad at all. It has a quite good story, and the acting is suprisingly good. The love story is a little far-fetched, but the film itself is quite enjoyable, except, once again for the real animal deaths.Not as good as either of Deodato's, but certainly better than Eaten Alive, Cannibal Apocalypse, or Trap Them and Kill Them.

Adriano B (es) wrote: Half Frankenstein, half Gon, the chambara drama of a sympathetic cannibal. Stark artwork, high WTF factor and an almost disconcerting buddhist morale in the end.

Daniel P (es) wrote: Strikingly acted and impressively made film that for me stood alongside narratively similar films like Mean Creek and, especially, Paranoid Park, exploring how one moment can change someone irrevocably on the inside (though perhaps not on the outside). Jack Reynor is outstanding.

Lissy R (ca) wrote: Shocking, scary, and gruesome at times but overall fascinatingly enlightening as it dives deep into the seemingly simple question of why the United States remains in Afghanistan. It sent me through a roller coaster of emotions, even one emotion I did not expect to have, hope. The film contains unique and sometimes disturbing footage from the streets of Afghanistan to its refugee camps but one can't deny the sincerity that overflows throughout. A must see.

Vitaliy S (gb) wrote: Don't take seriously crap of international recognition of the "terrorism". Here's some other example: "If you kill an American because of religious believe, you're a terrorist and a terrorist get lock the fuck up". That's what the movie says. Red State***

Andrew A (jp) wrote: I find this movie extremely over-exaggerated, in relation to the possible consequences of global warming, but I have given it top rating because I am entralled by dangerous weather, such as tornadoes and hurricanes!

Z3R0 (gb) wrote: I love this film, saw it at the Starz Film Centre on Auraria Campus. Denver. and it was graphic, and depicted, well, you saw it.

Brad G (jp) wrote: Not a completely original movie, but I like the normalcy of Sam Jackson's chello playing cop. And Millo Jovavich is sexy as always and Stellan Skarsgard is fun as the pencil-thin mustache villian. Doug Hutchison is okay as crazy guy. I'm not in love with the Joss Ackland character and his wife but I like how they go out. Decent, but not memorable. VF.

Paul C (ag) wrote: The movie for the most part was entertaining. The cast was good depending on who it was. Trevor Fehrman was the lead role. He acting skills were pretty good and he had some great dialog. But the people who played his friends were not to par. Matthew Lawrence was a prime example of one. His acting was strange. He played a guy who basically had a bad temper. I just didn't enjoy his character as much as the others. There are many other characters in the film that are both interesting and not interesting. Mary Tyler Moore was in the film, but with her plastic surgery, she was a very scary looking character. I couldn't stand any part with her in it. The story of the film was decent, but not the best. If it wasn't for some of the characters, the movie could of been worse.

Kelsi M (us) wrote: So cute! One of my favorites! Matthew Broderick was such a cutie in his time. Loved this story line. Similar movies have come out recently that follow the same story line and feeling but this right here is the original.

Mike S (ru) wrote: Pre-Matrix Keanu Reeves plays Johnny, a courier who uploads valuable information directly into a chip in his brain and carries it to its intended recipient for downloading. He hates his job and wants the chip removed, but that costs money. So he takes on one last high-paying job, but there's too much data for his storage capacity and threatens to leak out into his brain and kill him in 24 hours unless he can download it. What he doesn't know is the data is stolen and the owners want it back and will kill him and cut off his head to get it. Because in this future world, there's no Internet and no backups.It's an interesting premise, but the execution of the idea is confusing and pointless. There's lots of running around, lots of gunfights and fistfights, and a group of anti-technology revolutionaries using technology to tell everyone to disconnect from technology because it's making them ill. Watch Blade Runner instead.

Nathan M (it) wrote: A romantic comedy that actually has some pretty insightful things to say about love and relationships. At times, it's pretty funny, but always has something interesting to say. Writer Richard Curtis has now become known for his thoughtful romantic comedies, but it all started here with this film about one man coming to terms with commitment and his feelings for one woman. Hugh Grant might be rather insufferable now, but his charming performance here really shows why he became so popular in romantic comedies. Andie MacDowell is also pretty fantastic in her role as a woman unsure of what she wants out of a relationship. With a great and humorous supporting cast behind them, namely Rowan Atkinson's bumbling priest, Four Weddings and a Funeral has enough of a great ensemble to keep things interesting for the near 120 min run time. If you're tired of current romantic comedies based on this style of film, than you should really go back and visit the one that started it all. Four Weddings and a Funeral is sweet and charming, and actually rather insightful. You won't be let down by the film.

Bill B (mx) wrote: An interesting tale of man vs. animal as Peter Weller does vicious battle with a large rat in his swanky brownstone, at the expense of his career, home and almost life itself.Worth a rental, has some interesting bits and Weller is always fun to watch.Give it a look.

Michael T (us) wrote: Ingeniously directed and performed.

Byron B (nl) wrote: nominated for best foreign film at the oscars

Mahlon M (mx) wrote: Magnificent, Includes ***spoiler***, so marked.This is another one to add to the list of recent superlative femaleperformances in the last few years. They just keep coming. If a lack ofaction or "character driven" defines a chick-flick, then I guess thisone qualifies. But for me, its tone just doesn't put it in thatcategory. And even for those who don't believe in awards, the meldingof the truly imaginative screenplay with Kristen Wiig's superb, oftenwordless performance of it, would probably prompt a lot of them to makean exception for this magnificent film.In the scene with the Chinese food, and taking it in the scene'scontext, Kristen delivered the most wicked grin ever recorded in filmhistory. It makes an artistic set piece to accompany Mona Lisa'senigmatic smile in oil and canvas, only here you know what prompted it.***spoiler***In the last scene where Kristen stands in front of herunintended benefactor (Sami Gayle), listening to her explaining hercookie cutter plans for the future to someone, you can feel Kristenweighing her options for a response. When Sami rudely asks "What do you want?", it makes up Kristen's mind for her, and she responds perfectly, "I have what I want" (instead of possibly helpful suggestion that sheconsider a career in writing). I thought at first they'd missed the boat there, but then I realized the audience could savor both, while Sami's character could wallow on her shallow journey towards square-filling non-fulfillment. That double spoken/unspoken statement is another milestone for me as well.***spoiler*** 95/100

Jackson F (fr) wrote: Jack FischerTalladega Nights Movie Review??If you ain??t first you're last.?? (Ricky Bobby) Ricky Bobby, Will Ferrell,comedy genius to perfection?? (Jamie Russell Rotten Tomatoes), becomes the best NASCAR driver, then loses everything when Jean Girard, Sacha Baron Cohen aka Ali G, steals the win from him, leading Ricky to not win for awhile. Then Ricky, makes a comeback when Ricky and Girard crash, leading to a running race to the finish line. In Talladega Nights, Adam McKay creates a comedy using a North Carolinian stereotype through Ricky Bobby.Two parts of the movie were similar to real life situations. First, the costumes were close copies to actual driver suits. The movie used real NASCAR suits that made it more realistic. Additionally, the cars were authentically represented as they had sponsors and logos on the side of the cars. According to Tom Neven, a movie critic, ??there has never been any good NASCAR movies, but Will Ferrell ended that streak?? (Tom Neven Plugged In) to depict a real life situation.While the director Adam McKay made a spoof of the racing world, NASCAR lovers still found it realistic and amusing. People who watch NASCAR were not offended with the movie. They thought it was a realistic movie about a driver that loves to win races.The special effects in Talladega Nights were not too impressive, however, the movie was not designed for that purpose. In the movie the special effects were fine that I could notice. In Talladega Nights the special effects were not the greatest in the eyes of a movie critic, but to an average person they were realistic, for example when Ricky Bobby thinks he on fire after he crashes. The special effects were not supposed to be Academy Award winning, but was just supposed to be a spoof of NASCAR.Talladega Nights was an appealing movie because the directors used authentic costumes and cars to make it believable. Additionally the special effects were not fantastic but convincible. I highly recommend this movie to people that enjoy comedy movies.

Kristen P (ca) wrote: Fantastic screenplay, solid direction from George Clooney, amazing performance from Ryan Gosling.