American Graffiti

American Graffiti

A couple of high school graduates spend one final night cruising the strip with their buddies before they go off to college.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:1973
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dance,   robbery,   student,  

American Graffiti is set in the evening before best friends and recent high school graduates, Curt Henderson and Steve Bolander. They are scheduled to leave town to head to college back east. They spend one final night cruising the strip with their buddies before they go off to college. Meanwhile... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (es) wrote: Enjoyable light comedy about feuding brothers but the direction is handled extremely commercially.

Eric V (ag) wrote: There is one short that's worth the enjoyment to watch. "The Diary of Anne Frankenstein" mixes that old time drive-in horror film with a Mel Brooks spoof. The rest of this film is a mess

Joseph R (au) wrote: It was a decent movie; predictable ending tho...

Artfully Bedraggled F (kr) wrote: Middle of Nowhere, Ava DuVernay~s second feature which won her the Directing Award for U.S. Dramatic Film at this year(TM)s Sundance Film Festival and which just received nominations for Best Feature and Breakthrough Actor from the Gotham Awards, is a pretty damn unforgettable film. It(TM)s also the kind of film that probably won(TM)t be seen by all that many people but that really, really should. I know so many good films will start flooding theaters at this time of year and the smaller ones will undeniably fall through the cracks for many, but even if you have to go out your way to avoid making Middle of Nowhere one those films you really should, this is one made for smart adults and it(TM)s a little gem that shouldn(TM)t be overseen.Emayatzy Corinealdi, the receiver of that Breakthrough Actor nomination, plays Ruby here, a bright medical student who must put her dreams on indefinite hold when the news hits her that her husband will be incarcerated. It(TM)s a wonderful film as we see her drop everything to live this new life, committed to a relationship that will have to endure a forced separation for eight years, with the shame that comes with it.Eventually stuff will happen that will send Ruby through a process of self-discovery that that(TM)s amazing to watch. It(TM)s a slow-boiling kind of film, that much is true, but it will quietly and steadily really get to your soul as it touches on this emotionally complex side of African American life that you don(TM)t see in movies all that often. I loved this film because of the people it presented, because of how moving their plight, how easy to recognize their emotions, how haunting a character-driven film it is and how accomplished a director Ms. DuVernay establishes herself to be here.Maybe you already knew Ms. DuVernay as a fine director, after all her feature debut from last year, I Will Follow, was championed by Roger Ebert which is always a good indication, but maybe like me this is your first exposure to her work. Like I said, though, for many this will be neither their first or their second exposure, for many it will take longer to find out about this film or I Will Follow(which I plan to watch sometime this week) and it(TM)s just unfair. These films, the kind that pose a very specific reality and manage to transcend that to speak a universally human truth, are the kind that stay with you and shouldn(TM)t be missed.Because the story really is rather simple, it touches on loneliness and loyalty to your significant other, things anyone can relate to, but what sets Middle of Nowhere apart from the rest of the pack is that it(TM)s no so much about the story as it is about the storytelling. In the way Ms. DuVernay decides to show us this story it feels artful and in the way she relies on her actors more than she does on her own screenplay it shows an unwavering sense of confidence, how she uses their faces to really reveal the emotional depths this film so wonderfully explores.That will be brilliantly evident when you see how amazing Ms. Corinealdi is, when you see how she portrays these emotions in scenes that don(TM)t seem to be acted out at all, that don(TM)t seem to be following a script but rather just seem to be happening right then and there inside of her. The film is pretty much all about what Ruby is feeling deep inside of her and you need a tremendously gifted performer to bring all of that to the forefront for us as an audience to understand and relate, and Ms. Corinealdi achieves that and then some.Plus Ruby(TM)s just a damn great character, and props to Ms. DuVernay for creating her. I mean, think about it, it(TM)s not often at all that we get a film that(TM)s centered on the life of an African American woman, and when we do it(TM)s either a ridiculously comedy or an unbearable melodrama; that we can get a film nowadays in which we just see this woman being, just thinking and feeling more than actually talking, is a rare event that we should really treasure.You can say so much about Ruby(TM)s decision to put her life on hold and dedicate herself to her imprisoned husband, you can say it(TM)s awfully loyal or, like Ruby(TM)s mother, you can call it dumb because, after all, he was sent to prison for something. Ruby must take these horribly long trips to visit her husband which really brings forth a larger sense of how lonely she is and, obviously, means that she can(TM)t do much of anything else with her life. Which is why it throws her for such an internal loop when she begins something with David, the kind bus driver played by David Oyelowo.I know it(TM)ll be tough for people to see this film. Black audiences, for the most part, only go to see films made by their community when they(TM)re about rappers or gangsters or Tyler Perry; white audiences, for their part, won(TM)t be rushing to see such an introspective little indie made with an all-black cast. It(TM)s a tough sell, not all films transcend their limitations like Precious, and I(TM)m no one to pass judgement as to why it is or how to fix it. I am, however, a lover of films, and as one I urge you watch this one.Not because this will be about something big or anything like that, though. No,Middle of Nowhere doesn(TM)t tackle any of the big social issues Ruby may be experiencing, it(TM)s not about racism or an indictment on the justice system or anything like that at all. You should really seek out this film for its artistic merit alone, for the fact that it has the courage to really get into some complicated emotions and doing it on its own terms, with a narrative that may take a while to gather any kind of momentum but that really pays off in the end. This is an unmissable film from a tremendously gifted director and a star-making performance, what more do you need?

Robyn M (br) wrote: "How can you go wrong with the strong comical team of Dan Akryd, Damon Wayans and Daniel Stern?"I must say the last review from jpg178 couldn't be more wrong. I enjoyed Celtic Pride and found it energetic, slapstick fun that holds some historical moments for Boston Celtic fans alike. But to say director Roger Birnbaum only intended this movie to be for fans alike- isn't the case.

Barbara D (de) wrote: 'Sweet Charity' is a musical about a woman named Charity Hope Valentine. She is a taxi dancer who earns little money and has had her heart stomped on by several men, but still finds herself being optimistic about love. After spending the night with a pompous movie star, she decides that she wants to get out of her dead end job and make something of herself.This has got to be one of the most confusing movies I've seen because on one hand, there were many parts that didn't work, but on the other hand, I still enjoyed it and there were many things about it that I did like. First of all, the acting was great, even from some of the minor roles like Charity's fellow dancers. The real heart of the film is Shirley MacLaine in her stand out performance as Charity. She fully commits to the role and is so much fun to watch because her character is so interesting. I also really liked John McMartin as Oscar, who I'm surprised to hear was also in the original Broadway production. His character was really interesting and was way more than the typical love interest. On that note, the whole romantic aspect in the film was really well done and surprisingly deep for a 60s musical. It's really hard to talk about it without revealing the ending, but all I can say is that I didn't expect it from this kind of movie. While I was watching it and I was about half way, I was thinking to myself, 'How did this musical run for so long? There's nothing special about it.' Well, I stuck with it and the second half was definitely worth it.Apart from the acting and story, the songs were great and the choreography was spectacular. Then again, the movie was working off from a good source material and Bob Fosse was involved, so it's not surprising that these aspects of the film worked. I really liked most of the songs in this. 'Hey Big Spender' is a classic, but I also really liked 'There's Gotta Be Something Better Than This' and 'I Love To Cry At Weddings' was a lot of fun.With all that said though, the film still had problems. First of all, it was unecessarily long. The movie went for over 2 hours and yet there were a number of scenes that could've been cut out. The night that Charity spends with Vittorio Vidal could've been significantly shortened and the musical also fell into the same trap that other classic musical fell into: the dance numbers went on for too long. In particular, there was one scene towards the beginning when Charity is hanging out in a club with a number of rich people, and the whole purpose of the scene is to show how different they are and how Charity wants to change her life. Well, it's already established when she walks into the club with Vittorio Vidal that she is different from them, but then they get into a dance number that just drags on and does nothing to further the story. There's another scene that was confusing when Oscar and Charity meet a group of hippies led by Sammy Davis Jr who sing a strange number that goes on for a while and once again, doesn't do anything to further the story. I didn't get that scene at all and Sammy Davis Jr's celebrity cameo seemed really distracting. It's a real shame because he's such a talented musician and he's a legend.Apart from the length of the film and dance numbers, I also had a problem with the structure and the way some of the numbers were put together. It takes a while for major things to happen to Charity. For example, Oscar (who later becomes a really important character) is only introduced towards the middle of the film. I'm guessing that in the Broadway show, he was proably introduced towards the end of act 1, but this is a movie. Some things work on stage and some things work on film. While I did like the style of the film, it did annoy me how in some of the musical numbers, there would be photos of Charity. I also found it strange how when Oscar gets a number, we don't actually see him singing it. Instead they play the song and have footage of Charity and Oscar running together. Why did they do that? There was no point of doing that!As a whole though, I'm not sure how I can assess the film. As I said, I had problems with the length and unecessary scenes, but I would probably watch it again for the performances and the ending. It may not be for everyone, but I still think it's worth watching for Shirley MacLaine's performance.

MarieBella C (jp) wrote: Like addiction this film is both exhilarating at times and utterly repelling, anchored by two strong performances by Heath Legder & Abbie Cornish

Gabriel C (ru) wrote: Childish and easily forgettable.