American Hero

American Hero

Melvin, a reluctant hero who is far from super, has been suppressing his telekinetic powers for years with booze, drugs, and women. In the process, he has failed at practically everything, most of all as a parent to his son. After a brush with death, Melvin decides to use his powers for good and clean up the streets of New Orleans with the help of his best friend/definitely-not-a-sidekick, Lucille. For a man who can do the impossible, it might be a fight even he can’t win.

Melvin, a reluctant hero who is far from super, has been suppressing his telekinetic powers for years with booze, drugs, and women. Until one day realises that if he wants to see his enstranged son, the only way he can do is to go straight and fulfil his potential as a crime fighter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim A (es) wrote: This movie sucked. It starts out as a generic "5 people in a cabin, spooky shit happens" film and ends up going nowhere from there. The titular Corridor is...what, exactly? An alien? Some kind of ghost? A metaphor for the madness of one or all of the characters? Beats the shit out of me, and apparently it beats the shit out of the lazy writer of this shitty movie too. Whoever wrote this seems to prefer the "shotgun" method when it comes to plot devices and storytelling...instead of having a clearly defined story to tell, he instead has all kinds of stuff happen, with no rhyme, reason, logic, or explanation, in hopes that it will all somehow explain itself.These five guys go to this cabin in the woods to scatter the ashes of the mother of one of the guys in the group. They run into the woods. They call it a corridor, but seeing as how it's definitely not a passageway or hallway inside a building, that doesn't fit at all. The guy who is scattering ashes apparently killed his mom because she was crazy...which in turn drove him crazy...and now is feeding this vaguely-defined energy field which in turn drives his friends crazy. Confused yet? Good! Because that's what it's like to watch this movie. It's a perpetual state of confusion and frustration that only culminates into an orgy of anger at the climax of this movie, which unsurprisingly enough takes all logic, reason and any hope of tying any of this together into a clever plot-twist and throws it out the window with a mad cackle.It doesn't even work if you try and write it off as something that just happened in the head of a crazy man. That says something for how much of a mess this piece of shit is.I'll just wrap this up by saying this: I saw this movie on Netflix streaming for free, and I want my money back.

Mikael K (br) wrote: Pablo Trapero has directed a picture that is a fluid, smart and touching union between harsh realism and lyrical melancholy. Set in contemporary Argentina Carancho? explores the county(TM)s baffling traffic accident statistics and the insurance con artistry associated with them. The story revolves around Sosa (excellent Ricardo Darn), an insurance con artist and Lujn (magnificent Martina Gusman), a young emergency room doctor, who get tangled into a web of deception, ultimate moral ambiguity and desperate love. The plot plays out as a crime thriller, but at its core it(TM)s a political statement and a psychological drama. It is a love story as well, but that aspect is utilized more as a plot device and a way to probe the shattered characters. Their love is undefined longing more than anything else, as hopeless as everything else in their lives and not a safe harbor. The movie is at its best while depicting the chaotic life of the emergency clinic. Lujn spends seemingly endless shifts going through the wounded, numb, exhausted and hollow. Endless takes following her make the corridors and the operating rooms look like something out of a nightmare. Trapero doesn(TM)t overdramatize and allows the realism create its own oppressive surrealism.

Alec B (de) wrote: a good movie with a nice action , but the special effect are weak ......

Scott D (ca) wrote: Excellent insight into three influential rock n roll guitar players. Great on-screen moments when Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White are together to talk about guitars and jam together.

Steve M (it) wrote: A group of twenty-somethings are stalked by a madman and the vengeful spirit of an Indian maiden who haunts an isolated stretch of forest. Will Sean (Di Cione) be able to interpert the secrets contained in his grandfather's diary before it's too late for everyone? "Haunted Forest" is a spooky little ghost movie that borrows its good bits from Japanese ghost movies of recent years but dragged down by an overcomplicated script and lapses in story logic. The ghost that transforms people into trees would have been plenty scary without the uninteresting, crazed trapper that serves as her Igor. (And why does a ghost that moves easily through the entire forest need someone to help her trap victims anyway?) This film is worth seeking out if you're a big fan of ghost movies and you've seen just about everything else you're interested in. Otherwise, you can probably takea pass on it. Haunted Forest Starring: Sevy Di Cione, Adam Green, Jennifer Luree, Mark Hengst, Edoardo Beghi, and Kiralee Hayashi Director: Mauro Borrelli

Roe V (us) wrote: This movie has the workings of a Sci-Fi action movie, with the heart of an Anime. Plenty of fun, though the acting gets overly exaggerated at points as actors will move, talk, and fight in ways that would only really be seen in a Shonen Anime. Plot-wise, it does raise some level of interest, but there is a point in the movie where you will probably let go of your mind and just absorb it. Not because it is bad or weak, but there's a certain air of "I've seen this before." Action sequences are exaggerated, but not too incredible to the point of face palming, and the moments are well-timed. Doing tricks and stunts almost like a throwback to the steam punk and gunslinging movies. Music score have a hint of video game influences which ties in with the mood of the movie quite well. Though on certain points, the scores become so dramatic and attempts to increase the atmosphere of sadness so much that it becomes an eye-rolling moment. Those who have a taste for love interests, futuristic weaponry, Mechs, and Japanimation will feel right at home with this movie. An acquired taste for an otherwise barely above average movie.

Kelsey M (us) wrote: I loved this movie, I just love those talking veggies!!!!!!!!!! It was kinda funny, but my church always has the kids that i work with watch it so it has gotten very boring

Corey V (br) wrote: best soundtrack ever.

Christopher S (ca) wrote: Yeah, it's basically a clip show and in no way an in-depth exploration of the horror genre on film (in fact, a number of the featured movies aren't even horror). But it is a great deal of fun, with numerous classic horror movie moments smartly edited together for maximum horror-geek impact. Donald Pleasence is, of course, a delightful host, and Nancy Allen actually holds her own. Nothing all that substantial, but an entertaining diversion for horror fans.

Luc L (de) wrote: A good and entertaining animation.

Michael G (mx) wrote: More heist move/crime caper than film noir. It starts off as one of those early "this is how policework works" half-assed documentaries but eventually turns into a real movie with a narrative story. Pretty unremarkable as an ex con trying to go straight gets sucked into a bank job by guys he served time with. Nothing to write home about at all. A few highlights include a brow-beating Sterling Hayden, a young Charles Bronson and a characteristically nutty Timothy Carey.

Rober S (fr) wrote: One of the most honest films I have ever seen.