American Justice

American Justice

When the reckless actions of an out-of-control LAPD officer get his partner killed in a deadly hostage situation, he gets suspended from the police force and heads to Mexico to face off against corrupt cops.

Jack Justice is suspended from the police force because he has a wrong decision while fighting crime. He decides to travel to a small town where he must fight against the corrupt sheriff. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Deana E (es) wrote: Classic Spike Lee. Nothing more. Nothing less

Lewis P (kr) wrote: Turgid, predictable soaper from France holds few surprises *** This review may contain spoilers *** Another overrated French film comes down the pike! This time it's a slow moving little soap opera called Mademoiselle Chambon. Because it's quiet and understated, some people might mistake that for something profoundly emotional but in reality the characters are so paper thin, in the end we can't possibly care for them. The protagonist is Jean, a construction worker played by Vincent Lindon. He falls for Mademoiselle Veronique Chambon, a short-term contract schoolteacher played by Sandrine Kiberlain. Lindon and Kiberlain were married in real life but have subsequently separated. The film begins quite slowly as we are introduced to Jean, his wife Anne-Marie and their son, Jeremy. Veronique is Jeremy's teacher and she invites Jean to answer questions about his job before a class full of inquisitive elementary school students. Veronique then has a paying job for Jean as one of her window shutters is broken, so Jean comes over to fix it. You would think that Jean and Veronique have a lot to talk about like any normal people who are just getting to meet each other for the first time. But not so here in 'Mademoiselle Chambon'. One problem is that Jean appears to be depressed over his soulless marriage, so that prevents him from opening up. He does take an interest in her violin playing and finally convinces her to play a tune. Veronique offers to lend a bunch of CDs to Jean which feature the piece she has just played for him. Veronique also appears to be suffering from some kind of malaise and we find out little about her except for the fact that she usually only stays for a year or so before moving on to take other teaching jobs, in different parts of France. If Jean and Veronique seem a bit sketchy as characters, the supporting players have even less to do. Anne-Marie has one significant scene where she confronts Jean about being distant and there's also Jean's elderly father, who makes a short trip with his son to check out some caskets, anticipating his demise in a few years. As for Jeremy, his parents are seen helping him with his homework at the beginning of the film. If the characters are paper thin, the plot of 'Mademoiselle Chambon' is no different. Basically we're waiting until Jean decides to bed Veronique. He hesitates and at first communicates that he's unable to get physical because his wife has just informed him that she's pregnant with their second child. Veronique decides to give up her teaching job and go back to Paris after she concludes that Jean is tied up at home. She accepts Jean's invitation to play the violin at his father's 80th birthday party which is nice! But raging hormones cannot be contained and sure enough, the concupiscent couple ultimately hop in the sack right before the film's climax. In grand soap opera tradition, Veronique throws down the gauntlet and tells Jean in substance, 'put up or shut up'. Jean does show up at the train station (carrying a bag) and it appears he's about to join Veronique as she boards the train; but sure enough, Jean realizes he has commitments at home and is unable to honor his promise to go to Paris with Veronique. So ends the turgid 'Mademoiselle Chambon'. Don't get me wrong, it's a thoroughly watchable film and the acting and cinematography are fine. Nonetheless, nothing much happens; and when something does, it's something we've seen a thousand times before.

Daniel K (ag) wrote: This is a unique and genuine film that I want to like more than I do. It's a bit too quirky and comical for me though. The performances are often pretty bad, the score lacks cohesion, and the script is nothing to write home about. It'll be okay if I never see it again, but I am happy to have seen it once simply because it is so different. It reminds me a bit of Twin Peaks and Northern Exposure, but it doesn't quite work for me.

Red L (es) wrote: Cute movie - although the plot is exactly as expected. A highfalutin big city doctor lands up in a small town complete with caring people and "a beautiful, intelligent, and feisty" woman and has to consider his options.

Therese O (mx) wrote: Helen Mirren does the best she can. But there seems to be no writing/script and save for some very steamy 70's love scenes, not much else to this movie. It's hilarious, for sure, and I was hoping for more of a plot!

Leonard D (mx) wrote: Awesome! The one film which defines the meaning of the term "Action/Thriller!" Just don't be too paranoid to go back into the water!

John H (jp) wrote: It drags in the second half, and lacks the tightness and efficiency of Allen's later films (even slapdash-looking stuff like BANANAS and SLEEPER are better constructed). But the jokes are still inspired zaniness incarnate, and the brilliant parody of documentary filmmaking (predating the seminal SPINAL TAP by about 15 years) is spot on. The standup comic Allen is still learning how to make a film during TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN, but the film's still a great comedy routine - and a promising debut.

Federico F (kr) wrote: Cattivissimo ritorno per Rowan Atkinson,che torna a rivestire i panni dell'agente pi imbrabato del Regno Unito. Nonostante il buon successo,il sequel ha avuto critica molto negativa poco audience rispetto al primo film,ma ha buon mercato

Carl T (es) wrote: The interwoven stories of these characters become too tiresome to care about the film's final epiphany.

Yasmin T (au) wrote: Very young Colin Firth, and wow, I didn't recognize Annette Bening, so beautiful.