American Kickboxer

American Kickboxer

Kickboxing champion B.J. is jailed for an accidental murder thanks to the testimony of his arch-nemesis Denard. A year later, B.J. is released and then challenged by Denard for $100,000. Will B.J. accept and get even with Denard?

Kickboxing champion B.J. is jailed for an accidental murder thanks to the testimony of his arch-nemesis Denard. A year later, B.J. is released and then challenged by Denard for $100,000. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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George M (ru) wrote: Under the right conditions this can be a tremendously fun 90 minutes. I mean it's a uniformly awful movie, don't watch it by yourself or with children but get a friend or two and just have fun with it. It makes High school musical look like high art.

Thushar K (gb) wrote: nice little fun movie. good performances from a strong cast

Stan C (mx) wrote: Watched it a thousand times and still love it. Best quotable movie.

Mikaela C (mx) wrote: Think I've seen this one... but I'm not sure =)P.s... unfair rating since I don't remember it ;)

Justin C (es) wrote: Spoilers ahead...I wanted to be convinced that Lee was empowered by her relationship with Mr. Grey and that she was in a mental state where she could make that choice. Instead, I was left to wonder if her consent actually showed a vulnerable person being preyed upon.

k r (ag) wrote: One of my least favorite Jared Leto movies. He was ok in it though his British accent wasn't too believable. The best parts were Jared saying "Well what?" and Christian Slater seeing his "ugly" face and jumping off the nearest cliff. not the best...

Stacy A (ca) wrote: It's a Jim Varney 'Ernest' film. Of course, I loved it!! Jim played one of those characters I just love to hate: 'Astor Clement'. But Varney did an excellent job pulling off this hoity-toity, know-it-all character. Ernest is a janitor at Chickasaw Falls High School. The requirement for all employees is that they must be a high school graduate, which Ernest is not. With the help of two scientists played by Bill Byrge and Linda Kash, Ernest gets a brain boost and is suddenly smart in every subject but, unfortunately, he becomes a snooty jerk because of it. 'Astor' begins to alienate his friends and faculty with his holier than thou attitude. When a couple of football players discover what Ernest has been up to, they go in and destroy the brain boosting machine and now Ernest must study like everyone else to pass the test. When he finds out the machine is fixed right before the test, he decides not to use it and do it on his own. He figured out he had it in him all along. He did feel like he let everyone down when he became good old Ernest again and ended up wrecking the half time show by setting things on fire by saying, "I'm sorry I'm me.", which is something he should've never been sorry for. I loved this movie. It shows that with honest, hard work, you can accomplish your goals. In the end, Ernest saves the day. C'mon, it's an 'Ernest' movie. Of course, the underdog is the hero. My school years would've been a lot more fun if Ernest was the janitor. R.I.P. Varney.

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