American Kickboxer 2

American Kickboxer 2

Two rivals, one a cop and the other a martial arts teacher team up to save a little girl from a terrorist and his henchmen.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:1993
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:battle,   fight,   rescue,  

Two rivals, one a cop and the other a martial arts teacher team up to save a little girl from a terrorist and his henchmen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


American Kickboxer 2 torrent reviews

Gregg M (mx) wrote: Depressing piece of junk!

Diego Martn (ca) wrote: La peli no me gusto,me parecio muy pesada,no la recomiendo,mucho dilogo,sin sentido4/10

Parker M (nl) wrote: 2.5 Stars out of 5 Note: This is not the documentary, this is the Canadian movie starring Jay Baruchel, RT didn't have this film for some reason. The Bolshevik Revolution was a pungent little change in the history books. It told us there was more than totalitarianism and capitalism and that the industrial revolution also had its detrimental faults. The Trotsky also has its detrimental thoughts. Its avid Bolshevism is a joy for about half the film. Like communism itself, The Trotsky eventually runs out of steam. Though Canadian director Jacob Tierney has a nifty pen and an keen eye on culture in film, The Trotsky somehow devolves into Superbad shenanigans. Superbad was a good movie because it knew it was silly (despite its smart themes), but The Trotsky's intellect tries to go full speed, and as so many teen comedies have learned, this hardly pays off. Leon (Jay Baruchel) is a self-absorbed precious teen, convinced he is the reincarnation of Communist icon Leon Trotsky. He's got it all planned out (courtesy of a nice opening pan shot)--we see a Goddard's list of Leon's life fulfillments which aspire to the original Leon's life. He has to find his partner-in-crime (Lenin--he notes "hurry up"), get married, and get assassinated, hopefully somewhere warm. The Trotsky is deliciously crafted here. So self-aware with its satire it is hilarious. It has fun with the facts and shapes Leon based off satirical language not comedic throw-away features. The plot has to handle its love story with great care. Leon meets Alexandra Leith (Emily Hampshire). She's significantly older, but Leon reassures: Trotsky's wife was older too and her name was Aleksandra. But Alexandra is no Marxist radical. She has stern principles that stray from Bolshevism and proletariat advocacy. She's a working girl, but Leon is still turned on. Tierney, respectably, has problems with this love story. Alexandra is a misplay by Hampshire because she comes off too afraid. Understandably, she should be apprehensive if a youthful four-eyes came up to her and claimed their matrimony. But of course she starts to warm up to him. But through what emotion? What attracts him to her? This is unexplained and thus the contrivance is delivered--the love story becomes trite and can only play as a narrative gimmick. But The Trotsky finds original territory. Leon rivals against his father (the brilliant Saul Rubinek), who is the boss at a factory. The opening is a great shadow of industrial revolution ideals. We have a radical youth who forms his Communist disposition off his father's upper class exploitation. The aspect is authentic, relevant to Leon, and it affects him, not just to serve up the plot. The Trotsky catapults off to the school ground. You got the typical a little-too-old-to-be-high-schoolers and the little-too authoritarian-to-be-principal and teachers and the socialism has a chance to emit. Leon proposes that the student union actually becomes a union instead of chain smoking in classrooms. The high school characters play their roles with a little clich but go beyond representing the citizens that need to be led. The principal Berkhoff has the ruthlessness of a fascist minus the murder and rules the school with the menacing grin and the foreboding subtextual one-liners. The high school works better than expected. Leon even attempts to spread his word via ETalk (a Canadian popculture show). It finds its way into contemporary North American media, using its characters to portray themes that go beyond the incessant toilet jokes. But where does The Trotsky get stale? When the plot tries to thicken. Leon forms a robust movement and the plot turns into this Socialist Cinderella story of teens versus adults (I'd like to call this film Revenge of the Nerds, but it's already taken). We get The Trotsky at its mid point. Okay it's a socialist satire, okay it tries to combine teen comedy in the mix, but the poignancy of that promising first half vanishes. Who is that Lenin? How will Leon die? Where's the foreshadow? Most importantly, where's that nifty satire? Baruchel definitely plays his role as strong as he could have. He almost makes The Trotsky worth the trip to the theatre (despite its scarce release). Baruchel has his typical nerdy temperament but he has that radical intricacies that make him more than a wannabe activists who got a 70 percent on his Marxist paper. Baruchel has the talent and proves that he is worthy of his current successes. The Trotsky definitely has its highlights, but muddles in predictability and the futile becoming of high school dramatics. The clichs eventually become convenient tools not experimental ones. It does well for a bit but then fizzles soon enough. Well, vis a vis the history of it, Communism inevitably devolved too early for its liking--well, there's one thing the two have in common. I SAY--Rent It.

Samantha C (es) wrote: This is a lovely fim for children to watch id even wacth it now at my age because it such a sweet fim.

Faith N (nl) wrote: I think I will like it

Luis G (ru) wrote: Peck's character is too much of a bumbling fool and the chemistry between the two leads seems forced and not credible. It's exciting and interesting at times.

Pedro G (ca) wrote: Mesmo que prejudicado por uma apresentao deveras apressada de personagens e uma trama que, mesmo contendo um teor filosfico imersivo, questionvel, no deixa de se tratar de uma obra altamente aprovvel e gratificante graas ao seu estudo de certos comportamentos humanos - sem contar, claro, sua iluminao fantstica que reflete adequadamente cada ponto do desenvolvimento da narrativa.

Stephen M (de) wrote: Oooh! I've never heard of this before. Terence Fisher! Christopher Lee as Sherlock Holmes!!! Must be worth a look. I wonder if Lee is the only person to have played both Sherlock Holmes and his brother Mycroft?