American Me

American Me

Edward J. Olmos made his directorial bow with the powerhouse crime saga American Me. Olmos stars as street-gang leader Santana, who during his 18 years in Folsom Prison rules over all the drug-and-murder activities behind bars. Upon his release, Santana goes back to his old neighborhood, intending to lead a peaceful, crime-free life. But his old gang buddies force him back into his old habits. The

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:125 minutes
  • Release:1992
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   murder,   prison,  

Mexican-American Mafia kingpin Santana is released from prison, falls in love for the first time, and grows introspective about his gangster lifestyle. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason T (gb) wrote: I'm honestly not sure how I feel about this one. I didn't hate it, I didn't love it, but I did find myself on the receiving end of some cheap laughs. If you go into not expecting much then you'll probably find it entertaining. However the content is really perverse, so if that's not you thing then steer clear.

Roxanne R (mx) wrote: This one should be watched during the Christmas season so I got a little bit ahead of myself lol..A magic Christmas ornament turns two men's lives upside down when homophobic Tony (Nathaniel Marston) starts preferring men two weeks before his wedding and his gay co-worker Steve ( Tom Archdeacon) finds himself blossoming into a ladies' man. Tom Arnold is also part of the cast and this one was kind of fun, enjoyable. Yes recommended and available on Netflix, enjoy!

Ramani P (ru) wrote: like Dhoom 2, funny and enteraining

oxana (au) wrote: This review is based on Alexander Revisited, which is a longer, differently cut version, but still has just about the same stuff in it.Before this movie, I knew practically nothing about Alexander the Great (what little I had learned in school was long forgotten). After seeing this, the loving bond was inevitable: not only did it have actors I enjoyed watching, but characters to fall in love with as well. This is the single most interesting piece of history I would ever want to study.People have a lot of different kind of opinions about this movie, and I understand that. For me, loving this movie comes from somewhere other than objectively judging its quality, and I have no way to actually defend my opinion (watching Colin Farrell make out with Jared Leto, just a bit, definitely would have won me over no matter what the content).The movie seems a bit dragged out, the battle scenes are too chaotic and long (not to mention the final battle in India which is always the one I hate most), but outside those, there are many good elements. A journey of a man with a vision, yet those who follow him eventually grow tired of chasing after something they do not want. And yet, Alexander the Great was loved by many, and he conquered more than anyone probably thought possible. This movie shows just that - and perhaps a bit more.The soundtrack of this movie is wonderful, within or without the movie. Vangelis did an amazing job on that.

Roman L (gb) wrote: If you get it, it speaks volumes. Most people will not though...


Nicola D (mx) wrote: Life in prison is something better than violence, drugs, more violence, rape, more rape, fight, more fight, abuse, bribing, more drugs, more abuse, more bribing, escaping. I think the only working actor here is Furlong, whose young character is just thrown into the cell. Willem Dafoe bold and inmate didnt convince me, he's too far away from American Psycho. Predictable and flat ending.

Grecco S (gb) wrote: This movie is really fun to watch because it's so awful, but yet it's kinda good!

Alex S (de) wrote: A very melodramatic film that left me feeling disappointed and dissatisfied.

Jason N (br) wrote: Ruger and his posse use long range rifles to backshoot the outlaws at the waterhole. You can tell it's a 70's western. It's a miracle the actors didn't float off their horses from their undulating butterfly collars.

Greg W (us) wrote: just ok entry in this Universal comedy series Universal milks their 'monsters" for all they can!

JaCob AkA BaNgLeFaN82 (it) wrote: This is one of my many favorite movies was directed and written very well.

Michael M (mx) wrote: I'm a huge fan of the old school slashers, but Chucky's tenure was one that slipped past me until very recently. A great shame, since it is (at least in his first entry) one of the best. Jason is a shark, Freddy's a trickster, but Chucky is just a straight up creep. It takes a lot to make a doll frightening, but somehow they are mostly successful here. There are moments in the film when someone will do something stupid (like throw Chucky across the room giving him time to escape) just for the sake of giving him a chance to come back, but these are thankfully few. There are some genuinely tense moments with a major creep factor. The choice to make the prime victim a child is also interesting; somewhat exploitative, but it's adds a greater sense of danger so it mostly works. In the end, Child's Play is great scary fun, and Chucky earns his status as a horror icon.