American Meth

American Meth

Actor Val Kilmer narrates this powerful film exploring the methamphetamine epidemic that's ravaged blue-collar America. Putting a human face on the problem, filmmaker Justin Hunt reveals the damage being done by this rural drug of choice, as well as the steps being taken by communities across the nation to wipe out the scourge. From Wyoming to New Mexico, Montana and Oregon, American Meth paints a picture of both devastation and hope.

American Meth is more than a movie, it's a movement. Narrated by Val Kilmer this documentary explores the devastation this drug is unleashing on America, and it looks at how it dismatles an American family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emmanuel F (ag) wrote: Saccharin and shallow, particularly with multi-cultural views.

Kevin D (fr) wrote: strange, not as effective in my mind as Tetsuo or A Snake in June

David M (kr) wrote: Intriguing premise but ultimately rather disappointing. Performances were relatively solid. The rest, was, well, rather weak. I expected more from Mr. Hartley given his past work.

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