American Ninja 5

American Ninja 5

When a scientists daughter is kidnapped, American Ninja, attempts to find her, but this time he teams up with a youngster he has trained in the ways of the ninja.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:102 minutes
  • Release:1993
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:acrobatics,   murder,   boat,  

When a scientists daughter is kidnapped, American Ninja (David Bradley), attempts to find her, but this time he teams up with a youngster he has trained in the ways of the ninja. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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jesse k (ru) wrote: I took my landlady's daughter's young son to see this when I was living in San Bernardino. Good for a few laughs. I meant to take him to a Disney movie but it wasn't showing.

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Vishal N (br) wrote: They don't make them like these anymore!

Chase H (gb) wrote: Sure it's not Star Wars but it's still a rad adventure. It's kinda like a mad max,space opera. It's a lower budget blast, so don't judge it too harsh just enjoy it.

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cody r (gb) wrote: the first film was a masterpiece this one is just a cheesy b movie it had its stupid enjoyable moments but the first is superior in every way but its descent if your looking for cheesy fun 5/10

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Harry W (ag) wrote: As with any film carrying the title of Disney and Pixar, The Good Dinosaur sounded like a fun animated spectacle.Disney Pixar films are clever because of how they challenge audiences to consider the secret lives we hadn't considered before. This includes the lives of cars, bugs and toys. In the case of The Good Dinosaur the route taken is one which has been done many times before. The story kicks off with a tale about a young and insecure dinosaur who ends up losing his father in a natural disaster before becoming separated from his herd before being challenged by the journey back home. This is the exact premise from Don Bluth's animated drama The Land Before Time (1988). Yet the derivative nature of the film doesn't stop there. Protagonist dinosaur Arlo ends up befriending an animalistic child who seems to be a modern incarnation of Mowgli from The Jungle Book (1967), and the friendship developed between the creature and speechless homosapien carries aspects of Monsters Inc. (2001) and Ice Age (2002). And finally, given that we have already seen Disney take on the challenge of animating dinosaurs before in Dinosaur (2000), even the visuals do not provide the satisfactory distraction that the studio seems to have hoped for. I could go into more detail about other scenes in the film, but what it boils down to is the fact that The Good Dinosaur clearly relies on a recycled plot which it derives from various sources without having enough originality to stand on its own feet.But even beyond the derivative aspects of the tale proves to be just a very mediocre piece of storytelling. The story itself is one-dimensional so you would hope for some kind of fun stemming from the gimmicks of the character. But unfortunately, none seem present themselves in The Good Dinosaur. Since the titular dinosaur Arlo is unable to communicate with his human friend Spot at any point along the journey, there is no room for development in the relationship they share. And given that they are the two main characters in the film, this really does no favours to the story. Even though they develop an obligatory friendship along the way, there is no insightful clash of identities between them on any level outside of physical. We don't see much of a developing friendship between them beyond what is implied by their silent interactions. The last time Pixar attempted a story of bonding between a mute character and a talkative one was with Brave (2012) which proved to be an experience not all that enjoyable. But with The Good Dinosaur it just gets worse when this comes into play with a story which already borrows from far superior films. It's clear that The Good Dinosaur is aimed simply at kids. The low standard for writing ensures that there is no characters or commentary within the film, rather just a collection of silly lines meant to be cutsie or sentimental. In essence, any actual writing in the film is just arbitrary which is quite a shameful thing to say about any film. But that's the case with The Good Dinosaur because it is so bereft of any dramatic grounding that it's clearly bent on trying to distract audiences with its pretty pictures. Even though the feature may look and sound nice, the problem is that the animation suffers the same fate as the story in that it has all been seen before. On top of every dinosaur themed film already mentioned, it was just recently that we saw the wide release of the animated film Walking with Dinosaurs (2013). While that in itself was a very poor film due to the pedestrian nature of its storytelling and lacklustre humour among other things, it still stood as memorable for the remarkable detail in its animation. The Good Dinosaur may have the visual expertise of any other Disney Pixar film, but finer detail has already been seen in various other films. The simple fact is that Dinosaurs are not anything new to the animated film market, and with The Good Dinosaur relying on the most generic story it can find, it doesn't successfully make itself stand out from the crowd.However, it cannot be denied that the production values for the film are impressive. The Good Dinosaur takes its prehistoric concept and adds a Pixar spin on the detail, giving a colourful design to the entire universe. The detail for everything is predictably gorgeous with the three-dimensional imagery being a testament to the continuous high quality of CGI available to the company. It may be rather overblown considering that there isn't anything particularly distinctive about most of the characters or the universe they dwell within, but the versatile colour palette nevertheless gives the film a natural sense of wonder which should appeal to younger audiences. The musical score of the film also assists in capturing the magical feeling that Pixar always reaches for. And the voice cast also prove very capable, led by the young Raymond Ochoa. Having been very experienced in voice acting from a young age, Raymond Ochoa is seamless with grasping every tone of voice in Arlo's characterization. He continuously maintains the childish innocence and charm necessary to any protagonist from a Disney or Pixar film, and he doesn't skimp on the drama either. He captures the fear and insecurity of the character and manages to mediate it appropriately with a childish sense of humour, effectively bringing the character to life by engaging with the universe as passionately as he can. Raymond Ochoa puts a very dedicated spirit into The Good Dinosaur, and as a result the protagonist is easily likable.But the standout of the voice cast definitely has to be Sam Eilliot whose distinctive cowboy voice is a nostalgic pleasure to any fan of his. Frances McDormand also proves herself a capable foil as the central mother figure of the story.By shamelessly borrowing every aspect of its story from countless other animated films, The Good Dinosaur proves itself to be Pixar's most unoriginal film to date without enough animation creativity to disguise its shortcomings.