American Pie Presents the Book of Love

American Pie Presents the Book of Love

Ten years after the first American Pie movie, three new hapless virgins discover the Bible hidden in the school library at East Great Falls High. Unfortunately for them, the book is ruined,...

Ten years after the first American Pie movie, three new hapless virgins discover the Bible hidden in the school library at East Great Falls High. Unfortunately for them, the book is ruined, and with incomplete advice, the Bible leads them on a hilarious journey to lose their virginity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alyssa D (mx) wrote: It did justice to a great man. Very emotional; I thank the score and Benedict's acting for that. Great movie.

joey s (es) wrote: Your Typical story about a woman choosing the jerk and cheating on the nice guy. This movie disgusted me especially with the story between her and Brad. I like the parts of her artistry, those were the only times she came off as likable. Jessica Chastain is very talented but his role made her look gross.

Lord N (ca) wrote: what can I say, I've seen the trailer of this film. That's all I'm ever going to see. nothing else of this film really exists. too bad. It looked really good. The good thing though is that it is the only lost nominee so I won't have to do something like this again I hope.. But, I only saw 3 minutes of the film. and the 3 minutes I saw were MUCH better than the entire movie of The Broadway Melody. Man, that film sucked.

Sue S (gb) wrote: I had forgotten I saw this when it came out, but it was so long ago I enjoyed watching it again. I thought that little kid who played Simon was fantastic. Someone must have worked with him a lot to get that excellent portrayal of an autistic child.

Daniel P (nl) wrote: Fascinating and moving low-budget film with a very well judged performance from John Hurt as a novelist and widower out of touch with the 'modern world' (such as it was in the 1990s), who finds himself attracted to a Hollywood star of terrible films (Jason Priestly on good form). The film charts Gerald De'ath's initial attraction to borderline obsession as he flies to Long Island in the hopes of meeting with the object of his affection, with by turns funny, warm and sad results. Love and Death on Long Island has an admittedly televisual feel and a small scope but remains an impressive film and has a fascinatingly enigmatic ending.

Trefor W (us) wrote: Very, very bad! A rip off of Jurassic Park, especially The Lost World: Jurassic Park!

Asif K (br) wrote: wow i am just not interested in this one :P

Luke S (kr) wrote: this movie is hilarious for a number of reasons.the butchers, showboat, uncle fester, grandma and most of all, the dinner scene at the inlaws.......out out damn snap out............amongst my friends, one of the most quoted and intergrated into evryday language movies out there, other than maybe the entire friday series.......

Spike V (jp) wrote: Quite and intriguing thriller that delivers in every way possible: Neat script, excellent performances, and a plot that keeps in pace while twisting around. Fans of those polished 90s movies should definitively check it out. Be careful though, this isn't a neo-noir film.

Steve A (es) wrote: I was passionate about music long before I became passionate about film. It began when my neighbor played Hunky Dory to me, and became stronger through school as I discovered the likes of Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Joy Division, The Fall and too many punk bands to mention. We shared albums on cassette and I started listening to the John Peel show on the radio. He broadened my appreciation for obscure music. I mention this because Talking Heads were a big part of my musical education. I remember playing Fear of Music to death when it came out.David Byrne is not a conventional singer. In fact, very few of the bands I love have people who can really sing. It's just not a requirement for me. I prefer vocalists who obviously feel what they are performing, even if their vocal ability is limited. A list of my favorites would include:Ian Curtis - Joy DivisionNeil YoungStephen Malkmus - Pavement (can change key several times during a line)Black Francis - PixiesTom Verlaine - TelevisionDavid BowieKristin Hersh - Throwing MusesPolly HarveyNick CaveThurston Moore/Kim Gordon/Lee Ranaldo - Sonic YouthKurt Cobain - NirvanaJonathan Richman - The Modern LoversMark E. Smith - The FallByrne whines, growls, yelps and screams. It works...for me. It may not work for everyone. The same goes for most people on the above list. That's why all those bands, and Talking Heads, don't sound like anyone else. They have their own identity. It amazes me that bands like Television don't get more recognition. Marquee Moon (arguably the best album of the 70s) is an absolute masterpiece of guitar sound, but they were labeled as punk/new wave and never got the recognition they deserved. I'm one of their 17 fans across the world.Talking Heads deserve a special place in music history and the band was inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in 2002. Their sound isn't exactly rock, but what is it? There's a huge funk influence as well as world music.The rhythm section was superb with Chris Frantz (drums), Jerry Harrison (guitar, keyboards) and Tina Weymouth (bass) all vital to the mix. For the purposes of this film, the band was joined by Bernie Worrell (keyboards), Steve Scales (percussion), Alex Weir (guitar), Edna Holt (backing vocals) and Lynn Mabry (backing vocals). The result was an intricate fusion of styles with multiple layers of sound. This complicated layering is prevalent among bands I have grown to love over the years.The movie doesn't look like a movie at all; it looks like a live concert. It was filmed over several nights with cameras being positioned in different places each time. As a result, you won't see cameras cluttering the performance. It explains how we were given views of the audience from behind the drums without any other cameras in view. The shooting style is somewhat similar to that used in the dance scenes in Black Swan. You'll find yourself on stage with the band, right among the action.The concert begins with David Byrne walking out carrying a boom box. He wants to play us a tape. It consists of the pounding backing beat of Psycho Killer and he performs it solo with his guitar. Tina Weymouth joins him for a rendition of Heaven, with Chris Frantz entering for Thank You For Sending Me An Angel and Jerry Harrison completing the foursome on Found A Job. The guest performers all add something to the sound and all nine performers are on stage for the start of the seventh song. I have seen Byrne use this formula for solo shows and it works well. I think it highlights what each musician adds to the sound and helps you appreciate exactly how much is going on in that rhythm section.Byrne was a ball of energy, running on the spot, doing laps around the stage, leaping up beside the drums and performing a variety of patented moves. When the ensemble plays the Tom Tom Club's Genius of Love, Byrne leaves the stage. When it ends, he returns wearing the big suit. He wanted to make his head look smaller so he decided to make the rest of his body appear bigger. I think Byrne was one of the best front men in music history. Looking like a cross between a manic bird and Norman Bates, he was never still.One of the gripes I have about popular music is that it's too manufactured. The record labels want a product that can be marketed and exploited. As long as those involved look the part, the music is secondary. That wasn't the case with Talking Heads. This was real. Look at their faces and how much they enjoyed the performance. Look at the effort involved.The music is full of emotion.There are 16 songs included in the 88 minutes:1. Psycho Killer2. Heaven3. Thank You For Sending Me An Angel4. Found A Job5. Slippery People6. Burning Down The House7. Life During Wartime8. Making Flippy Floppy9. Swamp10. What A Day That Was11. This Must Be The Place (Nave Melody)12. Once In A Lifetime13. Genius Of Love14. Girlfriend Is Better15. Take Me To The River16. Crosseyed And PainlessNo weak tracks there. It's not quite the perfect set, but it's close. Don't Worry About the Government would have been a nice addition.

Richard L (ca) wrote: This Roger CORMAN produced movie sits somewhere between Wacky Races, Mad Max and The Running Man. I'm not exactly sure about what is going on, but this is a hell of a ride.

Greg W (nl) wrote: good musical from paramount

Alimuaman A (ag) wrote: salma hayek funny it is

Sarah M (de) wrote: Absolutely charming,fried green showed us that even south Alabama, they can is alway a lesson to learn from life