American Reunion

American Reunion

The characters we met a little more than a decade ago are returning to East Great Falls for their high-school reunion. In one long-overdue weekend, they will discover what has changed, who hasn’t and that time and distance can’t break the bonds of friendship. It was summer 1999 when four small-town Michigan boys began a quest to lose their virginity. In the years that have passed, Jim and Michelle married while Kevin and Vicky said goodbye. Oz and Heather grew apart, but Finch still longs for Stifler’s mom. Now these lifelong friends have come home as adults to reminisce about – and get inspired by – the hormonal teens who launched a comedy legend.

Over a decade has passed and the gang return to East Great Falls, Michigan, for the weekend. They will discover how their lives have developed as they gather for their high school reunion. How has life treated Michelle, Jim, Heather, Oz, Kevin, Vicky, Finch, Stifler, and Stifler's mom? In the summer of 1999, it was four boys on a quest to lose their virginity. Now Kara is a cute high school senior looking for the perfect guy to lose her virginity to. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert M (es) wrote: Probably more toward the worst Kevin James films I've seen. His acting was normal enough, but the film wasn't worth much of a taste. The storyline wasn't too bad, but it mixed with this filmography overall just wasn't much. As a comedy, it really wasn't that funny, and as something serious, most of the animals took that seriousness away. Adam Sandler as the monkey was the only real funny thing out of the whole film. The special effects on the animals were really the only other positive highlight of the film as well. A film about a zookeeper, that ain't a keeper.

Alexi A (es) wrote: Enter the Void is a crazy cinematic experience, with wonderful, acidic, allucinogenic special effects and a wonderful message behind. A twisted tale based on budism beliefs.

Money11 B (it) wrote: Not much of story but the comedy was great from start to finish

Michael H (fr) wrote: Oh Disney, your always fun.

Rainer K (ca) wrote: Der letzte mir noch fehlende Film in Oeuvre des Richard Linklaters entpuppte sich als positive berraschung.Eindeutig ein Auftragswerk, noch dazu ein Remake und mit Billy Bob Thornton in der Hauptrolle, den ich eigentlich nicht wirklich leiden kann, sollte Bad News Bears sich in die Liste der minderwertigen Linklater-Filme eher am Ende einreihen.Weit gefehlt! Bad News Bears ist witzig, flott erzhlt und gut gemacht. Da ich das Original nicht gesehen hab, kann ich keine Vergleiche zwischen Walter Matthau und Billy Bob Thornton anstellen - ich denke ich wrde Matthau bevorzugen, aber Thornton ist auch berzeugend als heruntergekommener Ex-Baseballspieler, der beauftragt wird eine Loserschlermannschaft zu coachen.Er trinkt viel Bier und einiges an Whiskey, er ist Misanthrop und hlt sich eindeutig zu oft in Stripclubs auf - kurz, er ist eine Art von Mensch, die man am liebsten so weit als mglich entfernt von seinen Kindern sehen mchte (warum er trotzdem als Coach verpflichtet wurde ist mir ein Rtsel).Wie auch immer, er muss mit einer Horde untalentierter Problemkinder konfrontiert (inklusive einem Kind im Rollstuhl und zwei Latinos die nicht Englisch sprechen). Die Kinder sind also bunt durchgemischt und sorgen fr ebenso viele Lacher wie Thorntons Verhalten selbst. Vor allem Tanner, der cholerische Junge mit den blonden Haaren, spielt genial und brachte mich wieder und wieder zum Lachen. Schnell etablieren sich Running Gags und wiederkehrende Muster im Verhalten der Kinder, und ich muss zugeben, dass Linklater filmtechnisch elegante und geschickte Lsungen findet, die Story voranzutreiben. Man muss aber auch nchtern zugeben, dass der Film wohl nicht formelhafter sein knnte. Denn die Bears sehen sich ihren Erzrivalen den Yankees schlielich im Finale gegenber, die sie im ersten Spiel noch vom Feld gefegt haben.Wie es diese Loser so weit gebracht haben? Moralisch etwas fragwrdig hat Coach Buttermaker ganz einfach seine sportliche Tochter und einen ortsbekannten Rowdy rekrutiert, die zu den Stars des Teams avancieren und die Spiele meist im Alleingang gewinnen. Diese moralische Botschaft wird zwar im Finale etwas abgeschwcht, nichtsdestotrotz finde ich dieses Mantra des Gewinnens um jeden Preis" durch und durch amerikanisch.Anyways, ein Baseballcoach, so zynisch, bse und politisch inkorrekt, ist nicht hufig auf der Leinwand zu sehen, und auch wenn der Film seinen 70er Charme, der eigentlich fehl am Platz ist, nicht immer abschtteln kann, reiht sich Bad News Bears wunderbar in die Filmographie Linklaters ein - als Film fr verregnete Nachmittage, an denen man etwas Schmunzeln gebrauchen knnte.

Dodd A (br) wrote: What I love about this doc is that it is strictly "fly-on-the-wall". There is no Michael Moore-like narrator to tell us what to think about a Christian-themed haunted house that warns its visitors of eternal damnation if they buy into the occult, homosexuality, or abortion. Zealous Christians would watch this and find it to be a very accurate depiction of the Hell House trend that has swept the nation. I think no matter what your view is, you will somehow appreciate this movie. My thoughts? I enjoyed it for its unintentional comedic moments.

Dances W (jp) wrote: Not quite as good as I'f hoped, but still a very good plot with and excellent cast. Worth a watch for any fans of the theatre / shakespeare / classical literature.

Trent G (jp) wrote: It had its moments, but in the end, wasn't that good to watch.

Mary T (us) wrote: Richard Tyson could put his shoes under my bed anytime...I too have been a fan of this movie since i was in my 20's...

Ken S (ca) wrote: Unlike its immediate predecessor, this film has a consistent tone, and it is dark and serious. It is basically based on the origin story Cornelius tells in "Escape": a plague killed all cats and dogs, thus leaving humanity yearning for new pets. They end up adopting apes as their pets, as they are immune to the virus. But the apes get bigger, and the humans make them their servants. Humanity has also progressed in a negative way, they've become essentially a totalitarian dictatorship, and the apes are their slaves, tortured and forced into working for the humans. Caesar, the offspring of Zira and Cornelius born in the last film, eventually lead the apes in revolt of their human masters. In some ways I wish it wasn't that offspring, for he makes it a predestination paradox, but I think it still managed to work as a film. There are some great scenes and a wonderful plot, And it us more consistent, strong, and has better social commentary than the previous two sequels for sure.

Noren D (au) wrote: Classic Comedy, Got hold on the entire series,, Getting ready to go on board the Laughing train, Had seen few of them before, Cant wait to watch them all over again !!!

Robbie H (ag) wrote: excellent Bogie film made just before Casablanca..most of the Maltese Falcon cast is here

Chris H (de) wrote: A visually engaging film that is pretty thin on character development and plot. Essentially a lesser version of Top Gun that's about cars instead of planes.