American Scream King

American Scream King

When two guys get a hold of a camera from a debt, they decide to make a horror movie since most of them are cheesy and cheap anyways. They know nothing about special effects or make-up so ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:71 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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When two guys get a hold of a camera from a debt, they decide to make a horror movie since most of them are cheesy and cheap anyways. They know nothing about special effects or make-up so ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephen S (mx) wrote: idea is not half bad actually if only they had a proper budget... n tat equates to poor actors, props, action scenes... C-grade stuff basically but the jokes r pretty gd.

Carlos G (au) wrote: Ahora el "capi" haciendo de anti-hroe, demostrando que las buenas historias no van ligadas al impacto taquillero

Whitney B (gb) wrote: This was your typical dance movie. It had the sad story of some washed up coach teaching kids a life lesson and realizing it through the movie. It's been done and played the fuck out. It wasn't bad, but 100% predictable.

Danny Z (kr) wrote: [color=black]:rotten: You make me... promises promises. This movie sucked so bad, it should've been called "suck". First of all, any film where the lead actress sings the vocals to the title track... egads. And the credits in the beginning reference the production company, "Mustang Sally LLC". Now THAT's scary. I rented this from the uber-evil, right-wing, christian devil organization that rhymes with crockruster, and I am finally starting to see the scars of selling out to corporate christian America. I should know when I see videos with titles like "We Can't Play Unless You've Prayed" on the shelves next to my slash 'ems that something is very wrong here. [/color][color=#000000][/color] [color=#000000]Anyway, back to the film. Acting is unbelievably bad - the best actor was the door in the whorehouse. The story is totally bizarre and unbelievable - featuring writing that enforces the notion that naive young men are anxiously awaiting "losin' it (sound like a movie from the 80's?)" to sex workers. But the most annoying thing is that what I expected - gratuitous nudity and bloody, gory violence - was absent! Instead, I was delivered plastic knives, gunshots where people fling themselves against rocks or walls and don't bleed, and a guy getting hit by a car going 10 mph, landing on his hand, then looking like he's bloody and dead, but probably just needs some aspirin. And the nudity? Pahleez! Seriously lacking, especially in a whorehouse! Not to overemphasize, but this has got to be the worst ensemble acting I've ever seen - they all sucked ultra-bad. [/color][color=#000000][/color] [color=#000000]P-u! Shame on you, Mustang Sally, for empty promises. Just like that ex-wife. Sans the violence, at least most of the time.[/color]

Erin P (es) wrote: Good movie and I love the actors.

Lia J (nl) wrote: So significant. A beautiful film about antifeminism in the middle east. The cinematography is striking and filled with symbolic motifs and parallels with the characters and the culture they find themselves inhabiting. The realism is what makes the story even more intense - knowing it is further from fiction and shockingly close to what has actually happened.

Jonathan W (kr) wrote: Artistic and kinda charming B sci-fi

Mad M (gb) wrote: Not bad. Not quite as thrilling and deep as it sets out to be.

Michael P (nl) wrote: Yeah I get it. Life sucks and so does this flick.

Bill B (kr) wrote: Getting into the home stretch of the Sidaris set with this one, it's more of the same for this series, featuring the slightly butch Julie Strain as your big name in the credits.Worth a peep for fans of this series; you know if that means you or not.Rental?

Buddy A (ag) wrote: Don't even get me started on what a pointless and despicable movie "Psycho IV: The Beginning" is. People who have already seen the other "Psycho" films know the story contained within this one, so if you've seen them, do not watch this. It's awful.

Michael G (it) wrote: It's bad. But this is one of the good bad ones. The dialogue, the delivery, the effects, plot, etc... It's all bad, but I found myself smiling and laughing at times.

Mlissa A (it) wrote: Longueurs, aprs longueurs, aprs longueurs... Wow ! Je t'aurais couper plusieurs scnes ! Ce film a certainement mal vieilli ! (Je doute mme qu'en 1985 il aille t bien.)

Sandra A (es) wrote: Highly enjoyable cyber teen flick...It is cool to remember Jonny Lee Miller and Jolie together.