American Splendor

American Splendor

An original mix of fiction and reality illuminates the life of comic book hero everyman Harvey Pekar.

An original mix of fiction and reality illuminates the life of comic book hero everyman Harvey Pekar. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


American Splendor torrent reviews

Gerardo A (mx) wrote: I particularly enjoyed the actor-camera bits. Other than that, it fell short of big things.

Kay L (gb) wrote: Intense what they go through for slim chances.

Bilal S (fr) wrote: A good time passing movie!!!

Mike V (nl) wrote: I'm not a huge fan of the cinematic style involving hand held cameras, jump cuts, and semi-improvised dialogue, but in this case I did enjoy the movie enough to recommend it. I appreciated the gritty images of life on the streets of the wholesale district of NYC, even if I couldn't always understand all the dialogue. There was also a major cuteness factor involving the small child. Last, but not least, the ending was quite satisfying, even if not entirely unexpected. A nice low budget indie effort from the director (who also did the camera work), especially if this cinematic style is your cup of tea.

Chris M (gb) wrote: Who cares?? Sigh, nevermind. Sorry.

David Ray G (ru) wrote: It's a real shame when films that could be powerful fail and instead they turn out to be lame attempts to move the viewer. It began awfully and kept on a downward direction ever since. The script is plain awful, despite the concept it carries. David Strathairn is as good as he always is, even in a movie like this one, but Andrew Walker's "performance" blows the whole movie to smithereens. Even Paris Hilton could have done a better job than him. His portrayal of a sad excuse for a Neo-Nazi is so ridiculous and weak it literally makes me wonder what the casting team had in mind. The film is poor, undelivered, hopeless, and just generally...a mess.

Tania P (kr) wrote: It's the best movie ever

Domenico L (mx) wrote: Fascinating and inventive portrait of environmental artist, Andy Goldsworthy, as he travels around the world creating unique and stunningly beautiful works of art with ice, rocks and plants. The way in which Goldsworthy integrates his creations with nature is truly remarkable. His observations about those creations and the way in which they are affected by the environment in which he creates them, are truly moving and illuminating. Add the strange and atmospheric music of Fred Frith and you have a wonderfully unified creative expression from Goldsworthy, the filmmaker and Frith. A calming and otherworldy film. Stunning.

Joe S (it) wrote: Mystery science theater Joe 5000 The movie was semi-okay. I am not certain if the same cartoon voices were there. Lots more songs than the first one. I give a 3 out of ten stars.

Gordon R (kr) wrote: Recruits go back in training, duh.

Yessica H (br) wrote: Im not a fan of Jon Heder so i dont want to pay this movie