American Swing

American Swing

Chronicles the rise and fall of 1970s New York City nightclub Plato's Retreat.

Chronicles the rise and fall of 1970s New York City nightclub Plato's Retreat. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arseniy V (kr) wrote: Intersting, but too much of a kid-gloves approach investigatively IMO. I.e. Some bullshit calling is done here, but not nearly as much as is warranted.

Pavan R (mx) wrote: Quite powerfull and disturbing...leaves a bad taste in the endWell made and must watch though

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EWC o (mx) wrote: Well shot, smarter than your average zombie flick, and very creative

Worley G (ru) wrote: Outstanding film, poor movie. As a work of art, it was beautiful to watch. However, it had no entertainment value whatsoever. Unfortunately for me, I require both to truly enjoy a movie.

Noname (jp) wrote: I saw this movie last week and i had never seen it before but heard about it. It was like a mix of mad max / running man kinda but felt a bit old to watch these days.. I thought it should be better and i guess it was back then. Still watchable tho..

Jose Miguel G (mx) wrote: Cheesy but entertaining. The original Django remarks as a classic spagetti western with almost all the elements in it.

Marcus H (ag) wrote: Why they didn't continue making films we may never know