American Tongues

American Tongues

The glories of American accents come alive in this hilarious film about what it means to speak the way you do.

The glories of American accents come alive in this hilarious film about what it means to speak the way you do. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua L (ca) wrote: Worse than any low-budget porno, worse than any soap opera, worse than a used car commercial produced by and for a local public access TV station. Everything about this is awful. Even the picture quality, sound mixing and audio is bad.

Clarissa C (nl) wrote: Oh my god! Had no idea what they were talking about when I read the little plot description before watching. I've never heard of these tile things. Then, while watching this documentary, all the way up until the ending credits, I kept thinking it was a fake documentary, but elaborate enough to still be a reasonably good movie. Then, I finish the movie, get on the computer and lo and behold these crazy things actually do exist!It's not like it's the best documentary film-making ever or anything, but I gave it five stars because from an investigative point-of-view, they seriously come up with a very plausible theory, and the whole thing is fascinating. It's a very compelling documentary.

Calum R (ag) wrote: A terrific reboot and every bit as amazing as the title suggests. The performances are fantastic too.

Roshan P (it) wrote: Confused and confusing....

Shafkat C (es) wrote: Only women with dirty minds will enjoy movies like this!! Disgusting!This movie is for those women who always fantasize about having an affair with younger men. In other words only cougars would enjoy this movie!!

Private U (it) wrote: Absolutely brilliant :-D

Eduardo C (br) wrote: Made during Hammer's descent into gore (but before their tits and gore last gasp days), "Hands of the Ripper" is a stylish, atmospheric and particularly well acted little horror film. Unlike, say, "To the Devil a Daughter" it actually feels like a Hammer film. Whatever its minor flaws may be are more than redeemed by the fantastic, moving climax. Eric Porter is fucking great.

Jayakrishnan R (au) wrote: 82%Kurosawa's most stylish film and the BGM is a killer, but somehow, it's scenes are not as effective or memorable as it's plagiarized American version, A fistful of dollars. Mifune acts well, but his character does not have the screen presence that Eastwood so easily had. The film is also less violent compared to Sergio Leone's picture.

Heather M (ag) wrote: There were some hilarious bits in this movie, but overall it was full of cliche Jew bashing jokes.

Ted W (mx) wrote: Great Romantic old classic movie with dogs. Why romantic Walt? It's great but hate romantic.

Jules H (us) wrote: Open Season has plenty of heart warming moments and brisk, healthy animation. The film, however, does nothing to set it apart from the other Looney Tunes-esque works it blatently rips off resulting in wild unoriginality and pre mature, but funny, gags.All in all, it can still be a good film if those specific flaws can be ignored, which is not always an easy task.