American Ultra

American Ultra

American Ultra is a fast-paced action comedy about Mike, a seemingly hapless and unmotivated stoner whose small-town life with his live-in girlfriend, Phoebe, is suddenly turned upside down. Unbeknownst to him, Mike is actually a highly trained, lethal sleeper agent. In the blink of an eye, as his secret past comes back to haunt him, Mike is thrust into the middle of a deadly government operation and is forced to summon his inner action-hero in order to survive.

Small-town stoner Mike Howell spends most of his time getting high and writing a graphic novel about a superhero monkey. What Mike doesn't know is that he was trained by the CIA to be a lethal killing machine. When the agency targets him for termination, his former handler activates his latent skills, turning the mild-mannered slacker into a deadly weapon. Now, the utterly surprised Mike must use his newfound abilities to save himself and his girlfriend from getting wasted. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jillian S (jp) wrote: Diane Keaton is definitely how I want to be when I grow up

Justin R (it) wrote: Behind the low budget effects and action scenes there is fantastic acting and a tear jerking moment at the end.

Renni V (es) wrote: Suomalainen mies avautuu, mutta vain saunassa. Minimalistinen, melankolinen ja niin tynn sydnt. Onneksi mukana oli mys hauskojakin hetki, ettei ihan Paha Maa meiningill menty. Ei ole helppoa olla suomalainen mies, mutta onneksi on kaveri, olut ja sauna.

Alberto M (ru) wrote: Yet another explotaitive hardcore film from Todd Verow. The novelty here it's that it's somewhat original, but still have flaws.

Saptarshi M (de) wrote: The suspense was good to start with and it a good one time watch. The mystery stays the way with intended confusion added to keep up with the mystery.

Private U (au) wrote: Maybe this is what good Independent films are really about: little windows into our lives. A cozy, familiar, painful, and sincere portrait of friends trying at a relationship and failing. The camera plays in closeups and gives a wonderfully claustrophobic feeling of having eyes for just one person. I highly recommend it.

Yash P (ag) wrote: Best superhero movie of bollywood... but Rakesh sir should not put masala nd those 3-4 songs

Alexey F (mx) wrote: Argentina is Borges, Cortazar, Piazzola and Lucrecia Martel.And a lot of other things for Argentinians.

Jill S (mx) wrote: A good, solid chick flick.

Sonal K (gb) wrote: I liked the storyline of the movie and off course Gwyneth!

Zahran Z (us) wrote: Ha ha Love it. Jenifer Love hewitt looks so dorky

Kevin P (fr) wrote: japanese cinema at its best never mind these daft ghost stories like the ring and the grudge this is the real deal

Kathleen M (kr) wrote: It's good campy, tongue-in-cheek fun. The only real detraction for me was that they were almost trying too hard to be a bad movie.

James B (us) wrote: Pretty terrible ninja movie! The acting was cheesy, which I didn't mind so much. However, the fights were pretty awful!

Kathie E (nl) wrote: Watching now ABC2. Oh my what a caste! What a line up! Paul Newman one of my absolute favorite actors (and yes that is because he is so handsome, plus a very good person) together with the wonderful Joanne Woodward, Sidney Pointier, Louis Armstrong and Diahann Carroll featuring in a film containing many of my favorite things. Set in Paris (the most beatiful city in the worls) about Jazz musicians an love and relationships. An enjoyable film, can't believe I've never seen it before now!

J K (au) wrote: The Furies was a strange trip. It's an anomaly as Western's go and so will likely throw viewers expecting something a bit more rough-shod for a loop. Walter Huston's character is a compelling one as is his tough and street-smarth (not without her sensitive side) daughter played by Barbara Stanwyck. The show in this case is the unnerving and complex nature of this father/daughter relationship. Freudians would have a field day with it. But it is fascinating how we see the relationship, fraught with its passionate concessions and later jealousies evolve. Huston is over-the-top but pulls off his character's affable oaf and cunning devil dichotomy with ease. Stanwyck is almost equal to the task with her no-nonsense steeliness as a front to her romantic dreams (and naivete). Great character study and development. The story is not an unfamiliar one but Mann does a decent job airing this story out. I didn't rank it higher because the film, while watchable, is not great or even "very good".

D M (br) wrote: A new commander (Henry Ford) arrives at a isolated fort on the Western frontier only to find that the standards have been lacking. John Wayne is also an officer who's more knowledgeable about the ways of the Indians and life on the frontier. This causes many disagreements with many of his commanding officer's methods. There are a lot of Irishmen stationed at the fort, so that allows for much humor. A young officer tries to get with the 16 y.o. daughter of the commanding officer, which leads to many problems.The final battle causes most of the regiment to be wiped out. St Louis, Boston, Provincetown, MA, and Pawtucket, RI are all mentioned.

Brian S (fr) wrote: The scares in this movie come from what you don't see and not from what you do see. And it works wonders !! Overall, i liked this flick, the performances are very good, the chilling score is good too, and, although you don't see the aliens that much, the few times you do see them, they look bone chilling. But i do think they could've cut down with that dramatic pyschology bullshit, cause it feels like a mixe of sci fi and drama. This movie really is emotional and scary. Recommended !!

Davey M (ca) wrote: Jared and Jerusha Hess' latest tells the story of Don Verdean, a biblical archaeologist noted for such remarkable discoveries as the shears used to cut Samson's hair. When a local pastor offers to finance Verdean's expeditions, however, things get complicated (filthy luchre ruins everything), and things spiral out of control as Don starts finding ways to fill the demand even when there's no real supply.The movie is comedy, but it's plotted like a thriller--albeit a really bizarre, screwball thriller (and Don definitely owes a lot to Indiana Jones, if not in his image, exactly, then definitely in his work). It's not the Hesses' funniest film, which isn't necessarily a bad thing--there are sporadic belly laughs and a number of chuckles throughout, but, for all the goofy costumes and accents, this is a movie about ideas, and deceptively sincere in its commitment to wrestling with questions about religion in the 21st century--specifically, where and to what degree (if at all) truth claims and historicity actually have (or should have) anything to do with religion. In that way, this is yet another incredibly Mormon movie from the Hesses, though, despite the Utah geography, Mormonism is never directly mentioned (but the movie is almost a comic riff on the Mark Hoffman story--and about as bonkers on screen as that sounds on paper). Not everything works, not every joke lands, not every idea is developed as completely as it could be, and, though he completely steals the movie, there's something undeniably weird about seeing Jemaine Clemant's prosthetic-nosed money-grubbing Israeli as the antagonist, and something a little uneasy about a movie where his accent winds up being the funniest gag.Still, DON VERDEAN is a fascinating movie--not the Hesses' most consistent, maybe, but one of their most interesting for sure, both building on and departing from their previous work in compelling ways. I've yet to see GENTLEMAN BRONCOS, but between NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, NACHO LIBRE, and now DON VERDEAN, the Hesses seem more and more like the most Mormon of Mormon filmmakers, even when they're not actually making "Mormon movies."