America's Most Haunted

America's Most Haunted

Welcome to America's Most Haunted, the paranormal show that's not just trying to contact ghosts, they're here to kick ghosts out and send them back where they belong! But this time it's different. This time it's real. And if they can survive the night, they'll have the show of their lives.

The crew of a famous ghost hunting show try to contact ghosts and force ghosts to leave the place where they do not belong. In this night, Will they success or get a terrible nightmare? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lucero C (it) wrote: Its an adorable film but I personally think the first muppets film was fantastic and way funnier! this one still great for the whole family!

Sanjay J (es) wrote: Very poor film...dont watch it...u will get bored 2 death

Jeff J (it) wrote: Pretty good average kind of film. Good for some entertainment value, but it is no Gladiator, Braveheart, or Troy.

Coralie R (gb) wrote: This doco by Julien Temple covers Joe Strummer's life from birth to death. I guess due to a lack of early footage to accompany the narative, there is a lot of generic clips and some cartoon work thrown in which is a little distracting. Some of the interviews were unnecessary (Anthony Kiedis, John Cusack, Johnny Depp) but overall I found this to be an insightful look at the life of Strummer and his legacy.

Alyssa N (jp) wrote: This isn't particularly scary for a horror film, except for a couple tense jump scenes, but it's still a great Thai film with a moving, well-written story. I guess the oxymoron of "supernatural realism" applies here, since the movie presents issues like death and bullying in a very real manner, but with the added element of ghosts, which allows the filmmaker to explore these issues in a unique and interesting way. It's refreshing that it avoids so many of the ghost story cliches, so I can forgive the fact that the ending still winds up being a little predictable.

Craig F (es) wrote: It doesn't take long to surpass the first. It looks better and has more likable pieces than the first but the plot and villains are outrageous. The airborne transmission is overkill and the CGI is bad but that bomb flip early on is one of the most insane things I've seen in an action movie. It seems like the writers just wanted to make Bond, the score even sounds like that of a Bond movie. Funny thing is, this would have been better than most of the Moore and Brosnan era entries.

Mike N (nl) wrote: sorry, i thought this movie was horrible and cliche.

Kohree H (ru) wrote: It impressed me and moved me on a deeper level than expected. Though it strange to watch a Robin Williams' sex scene since he reminds me much of my father. I got past it to enjoy this movie. The lessons held with in are unforgettable. Strongly recommended

D M (es) wrote: In the 1920s Magnum PI is hired by an entitled, rich flapper to take her to China in his biplane in order to locate her adventurer father. In hot pursuit are those hired by her father's lawyer who want the girl and her father dead in order to inherit his fortunes. Along the road, they encounter Towelheads and Krauts, and Slant-Eyes, oh my! A lot of gunfights, plus some romantic parts. Fans of Romancing the Stone should enjoy this.

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Gimly M (ag) wrote: With what little I knew about Grave Encounters, I knew it had ticked enough of my "Generally Avoid" boxes that I never really had any interest in watching it. In fact the only reason I saw it at all was because of a recommendation I got online when I posed the question "Where there any good movies in 2011"?I didn't love Grave Encounters. But I am, to my surprise, super glad that I watched it. If more Found Footage Horror films were like this one, maybe I wouldn't detest the genre. Seriously, although I had a number of problems with the movie, I'd still put this one up closer to The Last Exorcism and The Blair Witch Project than I would to the usual dreck the genre offers.

Art S (br) wrote: Famously scripted by critic Roger Ebert, this was exploitation director Russ Meyer's big shot at success, backed by a major studio. However, today it comes across as terribly dated, half-baked, and, alas, pretty boring. The stars weren't exactly chosen for their acting prowess (given Meyer's well-known predilections) and the camera tends to leer until the editor quickly cuts to something tamer (but too many quick cuts annoy this viewer). The plot revolves around a girl rock band that travels to California and possibly gets an inheritance but certainly gets mixed up with some odd characters (one of whom spouts Shakespeare-sounding lines - Ebert's contribution?), do a lot of drugs, and pretend they are the Strawberry Alarm Clock. Originally rated X for violence (not sex, apparently, although don't quote me on that). Give it a miss.