America's Sweethearts

America's Sweethearts

In the midst of a nasty public breakup of married movie stars, a studio publicist scrambles to put a cap on the escalating situation as the couple's latest film has found it's only print kidnapped by the director.

Gwen and Eddie are a famous couple in Hollywood. When their love can be broken, it affects their movie co- star. They try to keep that secret in silence, but Can they hide for everyone? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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America's Sweethearts torrent reviews

Glenn D (gb) wrote: a nice and surprising drama with a good performing cast and an actual subject

Sandy K (nl) wrote: A mesmerizing look at the brilliant mind of intellectual Hannah Arendt, whose writings on Nazi Adolf Eichmann's trial in the early 1960s coined the term "banality of evil" and unleashed a storm of angry debate about whether she was blaming the victims of the Holocaust. The film focuses on just 4 years in Arendt's life, with occasional short flash-backs to help us better understand her life experiences and the arc of her thinking. Since her writings still evoke impassioned debates even 50 years later, this film gives the debate an important and thought-provoking context, and forces us to examine the true meaning of evil and society's role in facing it down. Everyone should see this one!

Alex S (ru) wrote: The cinematography is masterful, but it can't make up for the beyond pretentious voice overs and nonsense narrative delivery. A major disappointment from an excellent director.

Matt H (nl) wrote: A nice ode to Marion Dougherty, but I wish the doc had spread it's focus a little more to other major casting directors. Still pretty good.

Deborah L (ca) wrote: Interesting little film. Gave me the chills. Enjoyed.

Mohammed A (kr) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Hans T (ru) wrote: Performanceaktig og poetisk p den ene siden, banalt eksistensiell og (kvasi?)filosofisk p den andre siden. Et kjedelig ekteskap resulterer i at kona sker et eksotisk sidesprang med en lege fra midt-sten degradert som kokk i sitt nye hjemland. Forholdet trigger en rekke sprsml rundt livets mysterier, kulturforskjeller og likheter/forskjeller. Alt pakket inn i en stilistisk folie av virkelmidler som jeg overhode ikke kan se er srlig relevant for historien som sdan. Fr ingen sympati eller flelse gjennom filmen, derfor engasjerer den heller ikke meg som tilskuer. En enten-eller film fra teaterregissr Potter her alts...

Annaleena H (us) wrote: Russian movies rule. More please!

Cancelled U (ag) wrote: Decent movie describing the true story about an expedition to one of the last unknown territories on this planet. And how it horribly turned bad.

Aj V (kr) wrote: This is a good movie, I don't know why it's rated so low on here. The cast is good, they do a great job, I especially love Moranis and Kane. The story is both funny and realistic. What's not to like about it?

Paul C (nl) wrote: This one of my favorites. Its primarily a compilation of different short stories through out human existance, and how there are somethings that cant be changed, human emotion and being. This is, in my opinion, Williams most heart felt movie to date.

Senor C (nl) wrote: I have no idea why Brian DePalma would direct this other then for a pay cheque but how much revenue do you really expect to generate w/ Danny DeVito & Joe Piscopo as the stars (DeVito maybe but Piscopo?) Actually this has a good cast aside of Piscopo like Harvey Keitel & Captain Lou Albano (who would have thought the wrestling manager was so funny; he's great as the Fixer & the best thing in this).

Thomas B (kr) wrote: Any film that starts with a Frank Sinatra song (summer winds) is always a great film. Including this one!! Fantastic buddy movie set in little Italy in new york. If you like Mob type movies, ya gotta see this one.

Hamel G (jp) wrote: Not your typical campus-set slasher from the 80s in which a college scavenger hunt turns bloody when the contestants get killed one by one by a murderer in a bear costume (!) with knives as his fingers. Although Girls nite out (or the Scaremaker as it was originally called) has all the usual ingredients of a good old fun stalk 'n' slash movie, the makers did try to do something new with the material. Over the years we all had our share of masked psychopaths but a bear costume? And while at first the school's furry mascotte evokes some giggles, when the murders actually begin it becomes a little more creepy. Because the action is set to a "golden oldies" weekend, there are a lot of 60s/70s rocksongs on the soundtrack and they are a welcome change from all the terrible 80s groups we usually have to endure in these kind of movies. In contrast to other slasher movies of this period there isn't even a final girl! So is it any good? Well, i guess if you are a devoted slasher fan and you are in a good (read forgiving) mood then you'll probably like it and you'll be able to oversee its shortcomings ( too many silly characters, somewhat lacking in suspense....etc.) I unashamedly like Girls nite out. At display are a bunch of mostly sympathetic teens, the movie benefits from an above average cast (serious actor Hal Holbrook as the camp guard especially lends the movie some class) and it has a genuine dreadlike atmosphere only those 80s slasher seem to know how to evoke. Avoiding the usual battle between the final girl and the killer but instead opting for a more subtle "sleepaway camp"-like final moment evoke a legitamate chill.

Brett B (jp) wrote: While not as good as the first film this one was a solid horror film that begins to elaborate on the mystery on the madness that is Michael Myers. This is a tad simple, it still expands on the original story that is necessary in a series.

Michelle T (au) wrote: This wasn?t so bad, just don?t buy it or waste a queue spot on it. For the wee hours of the night when there?s nothing else to do, it?s fine. Why the kid from Malcolm in the Middle is in it, I?m not sure. Money hungry parents probably.

Scott M (jp) wrote: Good, meaningful and timely story, but it was a little over acted.