Following the Dogma rules does not make this film hard to watch... In the end, it is a great story and shows that Merendino can be a mature filmmaker. It's about two guys a Vespa and a trip from South Dakota to Los Angeles. It's funny, insightful and tragic

Peter and Chris, two young American friends in their late 20s, go from South Dakota to California on a scooter, and as they travel across the American landscape they see their country ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hassan S (ag) wrote: WoW ... !What a bl**dy wastage of time ... !

Jenna I (it) wrote: This is my 1000th movie review!!!I'm definitely a Jodorowsky fan and this movie was everything I hoped it would be-- flocks of animals, surreal interludes, amputees and full frontal nudity aplenty. That said, this felt somewhere in-between Wes Anderson (color and look-wise) and John Waters (specifically in the *ahem* peeing/genital torture arenas). Probably his most straight forward film, and yet it felt a bit stilted when it came to the overall fluidity... though I suppose that's always been a bit of a problem for him. Overall very enjoyable, and pretty damn funny. More than anything I'm just glad to see this sort of filmmaking continuing to happen.

Laura L (au) wrote: Not even it's young, attractive cast can save the stale plot, miserable script and completely confusing story.

Luke G (de) wrote: Very well acted. A very powerful performance from Josh Hutcherson. Alfred Molina is always spectacular, and Hayden Panettiere is fabulous in everything she decides to do. The cast was amazing so I was sold before I put the DVD in my computer. However, once the movie started, I was so impressed. The movie was a journey through Joshua's life. It's a journey through a lot of hardships. And, there are fabulous art references. Josh Hutcherson is definitely one of my new favorite actors. Yes, the movie had some boring plot moments that could have been better, but the acting and the beautiful direction pull the film through. I loved it :)

JeanFrancois V (kr) wrote: A one-hour mock-victorian fantasy done almost entirely in stop-motion (except for the opening and end scenes), "Blood Tea and Red String" is an obvious labour of love, having been written, directed, produced, animated, drawn, sewn and pasted by self-styled "creator extraordinaire" Christiane Cegavske. The film could be described as Brambly Hedge on acid and subtitled "Raiders of the lost ragdoll with a found river-egg in her womb." It has a dreamlike quality, with no dialogues. The characters include four caterpillar-eating crows with curly hair and pig's ears; three blood-drinking mice; a spider with a human head; a frog shaman; and two or three other animals or hybrids. I might have liked this kind of experimental work better in my late teens or early twenties, when I was very fond of the likes of Patrick Bokanowski or Jan Svankmajer (the latter's "Alice" being an obvious inspiraiton here.) But even though I am still entranced by stop motion, I found the film a little boring, with most of the scenes drawing too long, and especially the mice's card game. If you like the nonsense and cruelty of surrealism, amateur goth-girl art, psychedelic imagery and the pace of tortoise-drawn carriages, you should really enjoy it though. I'd be curious to see what Cegavske does next, for even if she hasn't roused my enthusiasm with this film, she has at least earned my respect.

Cara G (de) wrote: It was okay. Aishwarya, Naveen, and Miranda were clearly the best actors of the film and that's not saying much, but it was fine. It's heartbreaking to see the injustices that far too many women face all the time in abusive marriages , especially when it's an arranged marriage.

Alice S (ca) wrote: Lots of great stories and plots and reveals and quirks and weirdnesses, but I can't say I remember much of it all.

Tina U (nl) wrote: Sadako was more like a lustful ghost out to get man and the movie was ridiculous.

Claire T (ag) wrote: it was an ok movie but I'm not interested in having it on DVD, I didn't really like this film, I thought it could have been better, Glenn Shadix (Beetlejuice) and Mark Hamill (Star Wars) starred in it

Daryl K (ru) wrote: Solid, exploitative stuff, with Pam Grier and Margaret Markov as two chained-together inmates who escape from a Filipino women's prison. I have a fondness for pictures that mish-mash grindhouse staples -- in this case, blaxploitation, sexploitation, women-in-prison, violent action, etc. You cover a lot of ground that way, and 'Black Mama, White Mama' manages to put it all together so it's consistently entertaining. Any time you've got Sid Haig appearing in a Pam Grier movie, that's always a good thing, too. The conclusion has something bold to say about what one's freedom should ultimately be used for -- so, extra-added bonus.

Christopher Dylan P (us) wrote: The Raven was a huge disappointment with a paper thin characters that were generically pretty but had no personality. It was a slasher film with no actual slashing. The killer would wave his arm at people while holding a costume shop prop and the FX people would squirt a line of blood on the victims neck. Very amateurish. The sex scenes were long and the opposite of provocative. Save your time, by skipping The Raven and watching HellBent again.

Sam M (nl) wrote: Blends a few elements like erotic, thriller, psychological, but Eastwood does even better elsewhere.

Gabriel A (jp) wrote: Um thriller genrico que visa ressonncia mais profunda, We Own The Night tem uma caracterstica intrigante prejudicada por um enredo que se exige muita credulidade, James Gray se conformar em fazer um previsvel filme gangster clich, joga seu grande elenco no lixo se consagra como um idiota em apuros.

Mackenie M (ru) wrote: David lambert was awesome in it