AmeriQua is the story of a lazy recent graduate, Charlie (Bobby Kennedy), whose rich parents cut him off with a $5000 check and an ultimatum to start a life of independence and ...

AmeriQua is the story of a lazy recent graduate, Charlie (Bobby Kennedy), whose rich parents cut him off with a $5000 check and an ultimatum to start a life of independence and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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donna l (ca) wrote: dvsytwus6a, 1st of July, and 51

Eric A (jp) wrote: Wow. One of my new favorite movies.

Bruno V (kr) wrote: Not hilarious or so , but enough entertaintment for a few laughs . Good to see Brooke again !

Dew T (ca) wrote: This is a wonderful documentary about the power of nonviolent protest against forces who do not hesitate to use live ammunition to get their way. It is very sad that there are still entities on this earth that think they have the right to take away anything that they can steal, just because they have more weapons or power than those from whom they steal. It is very hopeful and encouraging that some people still chose not to respond with violence, opting for peaceful protest instead. Budrus was a prime example of just such circumstances. Julia Bacha has captured evidence that, when faced with an armed oppressor, a community of people, even ones who are not all on the same political side initially, can still come together against what they all know to be wrong in a nonviolent way, and actually change things.

Toby E (kr) wrote: Intriguing indie style flick showing the blarzaness of the lead ladys attitude to relationships and the arrogant attitude she takes

Rheannon K (jp) wrote: Although it is classified as a thriller, it is certainly a very different type of thriller with several little twists. Quite enthralling though and an interesting concept.

John O (fr) wrote: Suspenseful and very enjoyable movie but it leaves more questions then answers Who where the three people attacking and tormenting the couple And why Very interesting movie Love the Eery music and the great camera work direction Well worth seeing

Tim V (ca) wrote: Must see for anybody interested in the origins of Break Dance from the Bronx.

Lucas M (fr) wrote: Babe: Pig in the City has much more narrative heft than its predecessor at the expense of its light-hearted attitude. However, George Miller craft is undeniability heart wrenchingly terrific.

Timm S (jp) wrote: Not So Good.. Attempts To Be Childishly Funny. But Yeeeah..Notsa Good.

James H (nl) wrote: Margaret Rutherford will always be Miss Marple to me, and she is magnificent as always. Fun mystery, clever screenplay, excellent supporting cast. Very entertaining.

James R (br) wrote: Don't judge a movie by its title or movie poster! Instead of a true blue monster flick, this 75 min long sci-fi takes some effort to sit through. It's dealing with mind-control which was presented in a pretty believable way; the merging of many beings into one consciousness was talked about but never really blossomed into the story. It unfortunately fails like most modern sci-fi movies as catering to the General Audience. Spoiler: LOVE CONQUERS ALL....bla bla bla.

MacDara C (au) wrote: (Watched Fri 25 Sep 2009) Worth it for the theme song alone. "Neon sliiime!"

Christopher H (ag) wrote: Thoughtful and introspective biography through Brando's own voice.

MarcAndr B (ru) wrote: For fans of horror looking for increasingly more intense thrills, the story will hit home, but will not deliver on those thrills.As a concept, the story is terrifying. Especially coming after the many extreme haunted houses popping up around the country, you will wonder where you would draw the line.The acting is wonderfully authentic, feeling like an actual road trip between friends, driven by one man's quest to be truly frightened. Presented as found-footage, the movie delivers by steering away from shaky cams but leaving you to wonder, who edited this?Once the credits roll, you will definitely be questioning what exactly just happened. This gives the movie a reason for a rewatch, but the second viewing may bring the film down more than it lifts it up.All in all, a feeling many a horror fan has had matched with some creepy carnies make for an enjoyably chilling, albeit forgettable, found footage movie.

Kaitlyn J (it) wrote: very entertaining. The batman animated movies always seem to be better than the regular real life Batman movies.