A look at the bond between an illegal immigrant and a blue-collar Italian-American from Queens.

A look at the bond between an illegal immigrant and a blue-collar Italian-American from Queens. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarah H (us) wrote: Yes, it's an ABC Family original movie, so you know right off the bat that it is going to be super cheesy. And in that respect it doesn't disapoint. The future is kind of a cross between every future movie where shit sucks. Like Demolition Man, and what not. people not knowing about sex, lame. It does have some really funny moments and if you can get past some of the horrible acting it's worth the laugh.

Russell G (it) wrote: The series goes made for TV and the result ain't that good. Adding a mad doctor plot to the series was a big miss-step, but Lance show'd up so it's not a total waste of time.

Melody M (br) wrote: library maybe, don't rent it

Asa B (ru) wrote: Better than expected although it still failed to make me a fan of the horror genre.

Nicky N (br) wrote: Mighty Morphin Was Better Than This Peace Of Stupidness.F

Michael W (mx) wrote: When the District Attorney states 'you can't trust the justice system', cue the return of vigilante Paul Kersey. Eagerly anticipated sequel sees Kersey's crushing luck with new relationships continue. Easily the worst of the series but still a worthwhile endeavour.

Ulla A (mx) wrote: A haunting kind of a film, Swoon tells the infamous story of the lovers/killers Leopold and Loeb. The black and white cinematography is gorgeous and the mood is enhanced even more by the soundtrack and editing of the film. Craig Chester (Adam & Steve) is fantastic as Leopold, managing to show both the sensitive and flippant sides of the man. Schlachet played Loeb as an endlessly charming but strangely menacing character and did a fine job of it. The director only recently went on to make his second feature, another great true crime drama, Savage Grace, and here's to hoping that he doesn't take quite as much time making his next one. Queer Cinema might not be so New anymore, but it's definitely alive and kicking. Thank god.

Stan D (br) wrote: This movie was unimaginative and a waste of talented actors. However, it is worth seeing because of the presence of Fran Jeffries, truly one of the most beautiful and sexy actresses who ever graced the screen. The preposterous ending has Tony Curtis preferring Natalie Wood to Fran Jeffries. Please.

Orlok W (nl) wrote: A strange Nazi twist, with Dietrich glowing, and a nice old fashioned romance brewing... Dietrich plays an earthy gypsy with a heart of gold--Absorbing, plausible, wonderfully entertaining!!

Joshua L (es) wrote: The acting is really good and the story is real intriguing. It makes you want to watch how it all ends.