Amigas siempre

Amigas siempre


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1914
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Amigas siempre torrent reviews

Nitesh R (jp) wrote: this was one of the greatest movies in tollywood!

Kevin D (au) wrote: This may have been an unnecessary sequel

shashank b (nl) wrote: Abbas- Mustan's best!

Al M (mx) wrote: Trully messed up film that is equal parts pseudo-pornographic and horrific. It has moments of style and is disturbing throughout, but it lacks anything brilliant or impressive and remains at a purely sleazy level for most of the time.

Mark B (nl) wrote: easy to see how this film was a is influence on the french new wave. the story is pretty tense, the cinematography is great at times and the one eyed crook is good too.

Henri P (jp) wrote: Cocteaun unimaailma pysayttaa viela 78 vuotta valmistumisensa jalkeen. Eipa ole muuten teknisessa toteutuksessakaan mitaan valittamista. Etenkin alkupuolen painajaismaisuus (elava suu, peiliin sukellus, seinilla liikkuminen, itsemurha). jaivat pysyvasti verkkokalvolleni kummittelemaan.

Alonso A (es) wrote: In Boyhood Richard Linklater has made his most accomplished work yet, and I don't think it's possible to surpass it. Technically groundbreaking, emotionally engaging through it's unfocused narrative, and really genuine, it all just feels so cohesive, this film really let's the moment seize it, and the result is extraordinary.

Jbells16 B (kr) wrote: Brilliant cast and a brilliant movie.

william m (es) wrote: Probably Billy Bob Thorton's most iconic performance, in a slowly simplistic yet well formulated film.

bill s (jp) wrote: Aren't the A list actors usually the one doing the good Sci-fi movie that's later ripped off and not vice-a-versa.

Jameson W (nl) wrote: This is a boring watch. However, it is important to keep in mind that it's intentional. The story is supposed to be awkward, so to the audience, the film will assuredly come across as boring. Still, this was a brilliant adaptation of the famous James Joyce novel. Most of the characters were true to the book with only a few flaws here and there. The tone and setting was spot on, though. Overall, watcheable, but not necessarily the most enjoyable film I have seen.