Amityville 3-D

Amityville 3-D

To debunk the Amityville house's infamous reputation and take advantage of a rock-bottom asking price, skeptical journalist John Baxter buys the place and settles in to write his first novel. But as soon as the ink on the deed has dried, people who have come into contact with John and the house begin to meet with shocking fates. Is it all just coincidence, or is the house really the gateway to hell?

A reporter moves into the ominous Long Island house to debunk it of the recent supernatural events and becomes besieged by the evil manifestations which are connected to a hell-spawn demon lurking in the basement. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Amityville 3-D torrent reviews

Frank J (ca) wrote: Loved it! What a great documentary!

Elena S (mx) wrote: at first i was pessimistic about this movie, it started with boring beginning, but at the story goes , it began more interesting and funny . Eddie Kaye Thomas so funny and always teasing his brother.

Alperen K (gb) wrote: Damn son its really good i liked it.

Private U (mx) wrote: A great rethink over Easy Rider with some good music ('Queen of the Highway', for example)!

Bo B (gb) wrote: an AWESOME movie, gotta see it! :D

Chad D (nl) wrote: for the serious historian only....has ed harris ever made a movie set in the present?

Dominic S (au) wrote: One of the best Marilyn films I have ever seen! She plays the role of this smart dumb blonde female performer who is obsessed with diamonds. She performs the role perfectly.A joy of a musical film.Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, I give you a 100%.

Frank M (ca) wrote: adorable and heartwarming.

WS W (kr) wrote: OK, all critics look hating it. I found it kinda funny however. A comedy form of "American Beauty".