Amityville II: The Possession

Amityville II: The Possession

The Lutz family have managed to flee their home with their lives intact, but before them, another family lived in this house and were caught up in the original evil who weren't so lucky...

An Italian-American family move into a house built on an ancient Indian burial ground. The oldest son is possessed by an evil spirit, and is forced to murder his family. The family's priest feels responsible, and tries to save the possessed boy's soul. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Amityville II: The Possession torrent reviews

Nonya B (nl) wrote: Really? Someone actually got paid to perform in this? Not a good movie. Bad story, bad acting, stupid ending. Just say no.

Lilian L (ca) wrote: The concept about time and money is pretty interesting. Rich people have more time, slower pace .. Just like the real world. Pretty cruel and sarcastic.

Emma L (ag) wrote: I like this kind of film and it was well acted , loved his laugh. Offbeat and darkly comedic

Ingela A (mx) wrote: Ulrich Seidl is an utterly ruthless social commentator who puts a spotlight on our culture's most repulsive behavior.. "Paradise: Love" is a hail storm of prejudice and abuse - and afterwards you will feel a strong need for a shower. In this first part of the Austrian director's Paradise trilogy, we follow the single teenage mother Teresa on holiday to Kenya - and we will follow a painful trip through abuse, prostitution and contemporary colonialism. But the filmmakers are not primarily interested in talking just about Teresa, she may instead embody the collective delusion that makes exploitation possible even today. But Ulrich Seidl delivers not only though provoking films.. He has an aesthetic eye as well, and delivers a stripped-down realism, accurate and simple. I can't wait to see nr 2 in the trilogi : Paradies Faith

Martin S (au) wrote: Todo nerd amante de Mac debiera verla

Bheema D (ru) wrote: Directionless, a cast and score that belong in 1940 more than 1970, structure's bad, probably the best thing about this movie is the dialogue, and that's just occasionally charming.

Mark D (jp) wrote: This is a boring and very lame movie. I only made it an hour or so before I bailed.

Mary G (nl) wrote: I always enjoyed this movie. Thanks for adding it as my request.

Leonard D (gb) wrote: This is a bit too fast, and doesn't get much focus. Rosie O' Donnell's performance was just too irritating to sit through! The only redeeming factor of this feature is the animation. Damn, does it look good here! Aside from that, another missed opportunity from the good old days of Disney animation! What a shame.???