A Goddess protects a girl from an evil magician and his family.

A goddess protects a girl from an evil magician and his family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Louise D (jp) wrote: Odd Thomas manages to power fairly successfully through the first 20 minutes or so based on the wonky intensity of Anton Yelchin, but then quickly sinks into a swamp of risible dialogue, silly jump scares and telegraphed tropes.

Heather H (nl) wrote: It's a good movie to watch with my young teenage daughter :)

Taylor S (ag) wrote: Funny Canadian Movie !

hey k (fr) wrote: For gear heads and car lovers, this is the story of Actor Eric Bana's undying love and fascination of his Ford Falcon.

Deke P (ru) wrote: Seen it a time and a half maybe on tv yrs after came out. Maybe wd hv bn more interesting in theater. A 2 or 4 major improbabilities. But kind of thrilling.

Kenix K (ru) wrote: i love the simple story surrounding us.. it's meaningful.. very local Hong Kong animation.

Robin M (fr) wrote: this a nice movie true love suves everything in good and bad times

Ummay B (it) wrote: I was expecting to see some gorgeous gowns and interesting makeup..I am a little deceived on that but..the story was interesting.I still prefer Fashion though.I love the title song..

Andrew H (us) wrote: This film fails in every way to bring Vonnegut's classic novel to life. It is interesting to me as such a big fan of the book to see how they failed. This could have been a classic even being such a failure if they had not taken so many liberties with the story. They tried to fit way too much in, and didn't fit in enough at the same time. It inexorably fails to do anything the book does. The structure is a failure for any film. And the worst part about the movie is the main event from the book was totally altered. It was ridiculous.I think the only person who could adapt this book into a movie properly might be Charlie Kaufman. The director would need to narrate the film. and be interjected at the end as the creator to confront Kilgore. I hope Cat's Cradle can get made into a film, that is more straight forward, and could be a great movie. This one was probably better left on the book shelf.

Joe S (br) wrote: John Doe can act that is enough of a reason for you to watch a movie go for it. Otherwise go see Lost Angels or Great Balls of Fire

Greg W (de) wrote: better than part 2 not better than the first in this franchise

Geoff J (es) wrote: I was struck by how similar it was to "Talladega Nights," only absolutely bereft of irony about it. It's kinda odd, seeing people make sincere jokes about that which can no longer bear sincerity. Rather like watching a Larry the Cable Guy film, at that. An enterprise of mettle, whatever else one might say about it.

Robert C (kr) wrote: Bad, but not quite bad enough to be endearing.

Tristan G (fr) wrote: One of the funniest pieces of surrealism I could ever imagine!

Jacob L (us) wrote: Breaking Away is an endlessly charming movie, and one of the most crowd-pleasing sleeper hits of its time.

Jonny P (es) wrote: "Johnny English" (essentially "Mr. Bean Becomes a Secret Agent") is everything that you would expect from a Rowan Atkinson spy film. When a bomb blows up all of England's competent MI7 agents, the only agent left alive is Johnny English. Few things go right during his missions throughout the film and when they do, it is usually by accident. Even though Atkinson is best known for his classic Mr. Bean character, I think that his physical comedy is even funnier when paired with his dry delivery of dialogue. Plus, there are several moments when you can't help but picture Zazu from "The Lion King" delivering the lines! From his fight with an imaginary assailant to his slurred dialogue after accidentally drugging himself , Atkinson's comedic genius breathes life into this otherwise run of the mill spy parody. One of the most unexpected pieces of this puzzle is that Natalie Imbruglia is a surprisingly good actress. I assumed that her fame began and ended with her one-hit wonder song "Torn" but after seeing her act, I would love to see her in more films. I also have to throw John Malkovich's name out there because he always makes a great villain! I appreciated the use of Handel's "Zadok the Priest" to give the coronation scene a sense of authenticity and Robbie Williams' song "A Man for All Seasons" left me in a great mood during the ending credits. The critics may not have liked "Johnny English" but this goofball spy parody is an enjoyable break from dramatic movies that take themselves too seriously.

Roland S (de) wrote: good and confusing- nice that the director was present to explain

Patrick F (mx) wrote: I thought this was a excellent movie. Outstanding!

John P (it) wrote: While not as good as Coffy, Pam Grier's final American International picture is probably the most fully realized of the three, and certainly better than Foxy Brown. There's not as much gore and nudity as the other two, but Pam kicks some serious ass, Austin Stoker is cool as always, and the boss man, "Shark", is probably the coolest villain of this loose "trilogy".

Paula M (es) wrote: Beautiful movie, great performance of actors