Among Giants

Among Giants

A manager hires Ray, off the books, to paint all the power towers in a 15-mile stretch of high-tension wires outside Sheffield. Ray's crew of men are friends, especially Ray with Steve, a young Romeo. Into the mix comes Gerry, an Australian with a spirit of adventure and mountain climbing skills. She wants a job, and against the others' advice, who don't want a woman on the job, Ray hires her. Then she and Ray fall in love. He asks her to marry him, gives her a ring. Steve's jealous; Ray's ex-wife complains that he spends on Gerry, not his own kids, and she predicts that Gerry won't stay around. Plus, there's pressure to finish the job fast. Economics, romance, and wanderlust spark the end.

A manager hires Ray, off the books, to paint all the power towers in a 15-mile stretch of high-tension wires outside Sheffield. Ray's crew of men are friends, especially Ray with Steve, a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Raymond C (jp) wrote: What a load of tosh. Just because it shows strong local sentiment does not make ? Van a good movie. Huge bore.

Camilo d (ag) wrote: Es un buen biopic en general pero con un par de falencias graves, primero la lentitud del desarrollo y segundo la benevolencia casi santificada con el personaje. Igual es educativa.

Dave J (jp) wrote: Wednesday, August 27, 2014 (2012) Revenge For Jolly! COMEDY CRIME DRAMA Co-written and starred Brian Petsos as Harry going on a killing spree to find and locate a hillbilly named Bachmeier(Ryan Phillipe) as a result of an unjust killing of his dog, named, Jolly. Because it's supposed to be a dark comedy, I didn't think there was a single thing that was even remotely funny. It's only intentioned to specific demographic who can see through all of the senseless violence. Bomb

Jarrod T (jp) wrote: yet another crap movie about dance battles ... thought dancing was for fun... anyways the first ever dance movie was a steaming pile of shit of course a cheaper knock off 10 years down the line is going to fall short. perhaps they should have made a movie about getting a job and quitting crack.

Carol G (br) wrote: Well done all around, and a refreshing change!

Mindy Z (kr) wrote: Garbage. What the heck Sam Neil.

Dailiesel M (ag) wrote: slow movie , the end is amazing...

Kevin D (nl) wrote: eh...I'll watch it but probably on my

Quinn S (gb) wrote: Romantic movie that catches the heart. Was a huge fan of Freddie Prinze Jr. at the time when this movie came out. Seems like he dropped off the planet after he got married. Wish he was around more.

bill s (ag) wrote: Funny,quirky dark comedy that's a very well acted little gem.

Skyler B (us) wrote: Of all the comedies regarding high school, this is the only one I feel nails both the pressures of being a student as well as the unending horror of being a teacher. I don't own this, but should... I watch it every time it ends up on a streaming service. Why don't I own the hell out of this?

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Ben S (es) wrote: Strange and unfocused, this early Sam Peckinpah film is still worth a viewer's time.