Among Ravens

Among Ravens

The story of a group of friends who reunite for their annual 4th of July weekend only to be confronted by Chad, a strange and beautiful nature photographer who begins to change their lives one by one.

The film follows a group of friends as they reunite for a holiday weekend and meet a strange and beautiful nature photographer who begins to change their lives one by one after bonding with a couple's young daughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christian R (de) wrote: Another mesmerizing acting performance by Elio Germano. Full of hope and sorrow. This is a fantastic movie, highly recommended.

Richard L (de) wrote: A simply breathtaking animation, full of all of the hearts emotions. The movie was produced by the same group that made the original Kanon and the AIR movie, they were not the same people that made the anime series. However, regardless of such, this movie a really breathtaking and the art and effort put into it's production is phenomenal. A truly touching must see for all KEY fans.

Tim k (de) wrote: thailand does it again.

Ori P (nl) wrote: There's absolutely NOTHING interesting happening in this film. I didn't know this could be in a movie.It feels like I've just seen an hour and a half of NOTHING.Slow paced, boring progress. Two people start dating, then stop dating, then start dating again. And I'm not even spoiling anything because NOTHING happened!I remember that when I was younger this movie was cute... Especially the part where Rosario Dawson goes "Party! Party!". But it sucks.I love late 90's romantic comedies like "10 things", but this one's awful. Run. RUN!!!

Santiago P (ru) wrote: As far as realism goes, this film shows some very raw situations, that I am sure are only a small fraction of what their real-life counterparts can achieve. So we can check the box on social commentary. Nonetheless the film is something else, it is a beautiful fiction mafia orchestra Mr. Michael Corleone would be applauding standing on his both feet. The holes and reservations on the unwinding of the master plan is reserved for further viewing and review, the movie is so solid and striking that stoping the ride to exercise your asshole rights might not be worth it. Then again you might be an asshole and just go for it. The movie delivers just enough blight not to make you cringe and just enough magic no to make you think you are watching Ocean's 11.

Josh P (it) wrote: Modern anime masterpiece.

Jon O (ru) wrote: Great movie, very much underrated. My wife didn't like it, but I've always thought it was a very well made movie. If you can get over a couple special effects problems, a couple acting problems in the very beginning, the plot, the score, and the innovative ideas will much more than make up for them. I am a tough, tough movie critic. Most of today's movies (especially sci-fi) I really have a hard time with being impressed with. Most of them are poorly made and way over-hyped for what they actually turn out to be. I may be in the minority when I say this, but I truly feel they don't really make many movies to this quality anymore. The low score on this website for this one is most undeserving.

Adam R (es) wrote: A mild comedy about a dad staying home with the kids while his wife goes to work. It's watchable, but nothing too exciting happens. (First full viewing - 2/15/2009)

Pja J (br) wrote: What a great Christmas movie! Not only was it entertaining from the beginning to the end, it captured the meaning of Christmas perfectly. All the character, athough flawed, are very likeably, the humour is on point, it is incredibly fast-paced and the animation is gorgeous. It wil definitely be a must-watch for me every year at Christmas time.

Chad H (jp) wrote: Dane Cook in a killer movie. Hmm

David L (ag) wrote: The guy looks a lot like Mel Gibson