Amor Bandido

Amor Bandido

Rio de Janeiro police investigator Galvão is pursuing two trails, one professional and one personal. While he tracts a serial killer of taxi-drivers, he also seeks his estranged daughter, ...

Rio de Janeiro police investigator Galvão is pursuing two trails, one professional and one personal. While he tracts a serial killer of taxi-drivers, he also seeks his estranged daughter, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Felipe Q (es) wrote: Um gato em Paris retrata um mundo imaginativo elegante, com uma trilha sonora maravilhosa e tons hitchcockianos

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Jason K (ru) wrote: Good adaptation of A Dr. Suess Classic

Cheryl W (au) wrote: Not tht good to be honest

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Jonny P (it) wrote: Vermeer's painting, "Girl with a Pearl Earring," is my favorite of all time. There is so much mystery filling the wide eyes of this young lady. Whose jewelry is she wearing, and who is she looking at with such a longing desire? The painting is marvelous and this film does a nice job of fictionalizing its creation. As a lover of this masterwork, I do take a small issue with the fact that Scarlett Johansson is not an identical match to the girl, but she portrays the character well and I am amazed at how plain the make-up artists were able to make her until she is subtly transformed into this iconic figure. The scene when he paints her is absolutely chilling if you are a fan of this work and Colin Firth brings life to Vermeer. While the story is slow at times and could be better, I'd recommend this unique period piece to any art fan out there. Absolutely beautiful.

Peter N (us) wrote: Effective enough to make me want to read the original Richard Matheson novel.

Jeff D (nl) wrote: Great movie from the 80's, a buddy and I watched this movie 20-30 times. Now days may be a bit corney but hey, it is all about the great memories of child hood.

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Layton D (es) wrote: I tend to struggle with old fashioned cinematography, but the script and the historical context in which this movie was created (they had to fight to put this together, there was heavy opposition in its production, and for good reason) were more than enough to make this a good film in my book. Yeah, I was forced to watch it for a class, but forget that for a second. They did a great job of developing this storyline and even mixing in some humor to the point I actually belly-laughed at a few spots in the end.

Connor H (us) wrote: Not even cleverly done: disappointing because it could have been well done, even as a spoof, but it became the opposite.

Scott J (mx) wrote: funny rom com follows all the cliches but worth a watch