Amor & Cia

Amor & Cia

Godofredo suffers a terrible blow when he comes back home earlier than usual and finds his wife in the arms of his partner. He sends his wife away to a coast town and dares his rival to a ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1998
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

Godofredo suffers a terrible blow when he comes back home earlier than usual and finds his wife in the arms of his partner. He sends his wife away to a coast town and dares his rival to a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew L (ru) wrote: A great start to this crime mystery film. An slam bang action opening really got into things. As the film progresses it was left for the auidence to solve why this character is doing this, and how all of the main characters meet up and what they are doing at the same time while something is happening. Actors gave a great performance especially from Tse. At times the film is rather boring and a drag.

Steve C (ca) wrote: On the cusp of breeding? "Should I or shouldn't I?"Well, this movie might be an scary argument against such a move.It is a very dark story about a bad boy, a very bad boy, actually a monstrous boy. He starts out as Baby Nihilist and devolves from there. He hates his mama who is in a very much trapped-with-HIM situation that is made even worse when clueless dumb guy hubby has them all move to an enormous mansion in the 'burbs even after she says she loves the city and does not want to move. It's a beautiful house of the type that can look like an isolated death trap to some city folk, like me. I have heard this story before, literally, years ago via a multi-part BBC Radio 4 drama adaptation of the novel. Around that time I also heard of read interviews with Lionel Shriver about her novel. Because of that I knew the story. I knew where it was going so the structure, back and forth on the timeline of events, didn't throw me at all. (I read IMDB reviews where people found this confusing.) I really liked the BBC play, the movie, not so much. It's really is kind of like a monster movie, or the old movie The Bad Seed. I remember Shriver saying in the interview (which is to say I don't know if she actually said this or if it is just my memory) that she wrote the novel as a compilation to decide to try to have a child or not. She did not. the contemplation, this story, goes to the worse scary direction possible, so she scared herself childless. It might be helpful generally if more people thought about this, thought through what the decision of having a child would or could mean rather than just enter in with flared hormones and distorted notions of idealized "love", the thoughtless emotional pull, or the thought geared to emotions.Anyway, the movie is dark, relentlessly bleak, rather over the top and not trusting that we got the idea that he is a bad boy after too many scenes illustrating such. The radio version was, I think, just the voice of the mother mostly. The film is mostly the mother's story. I kind of wish that Kevin wasn't in it so much that so we could more see him through her eyes rather that explicitly on screen so much. But this is a movie so they have to show stuff which can be a major storytelling downside in comparison to more text based media, the book or the radio play.Tilda Swinton is fine in the mamma role. John C. Reilly plays the hubby who is more a problem than a help, a thankless role, but a paycheck for the actor who like them all has to make hay while the sun is shining.It seemed long. There are better and worse movies to watch than this.Possible Spoiler:I didn't buy the kid's final act at all. Didn't get how the target to ammo ration worked and how he could pull it off, not just get rushed and knocked down. But that choice will definitely not ruffle the NRA crowd.

Vctor O (it) wrote: Non hai maneira; coa Coixet sempre me parece que falta algo!

Tammi B (mx) wrote: A troubled nerd is approached and dominated by a cocky psychopath, only in this version of the familiar story, they are corporate attorneys. It starts out similarly to Bad Influence and Single White Female, and then takes a bizarre twist. Solid suspense, not what you're expecting.

Kerry S (nl) wrote: Good solid storytelling. Doesn't get too depressing or too cheesey.

Jessica H (br) wrote: Another Horror film gone wrong, but you get to see a lot more of Jenna Dewan.

Dee B (nl) wrote: iono. the very first time i saw this movie, i was holding my mouth in shock all throughout the credits. i have to give the director or whoever for the twists and turns goin on in this movie.

Nichole L (de) wrote: This movie is absolutely hilarious! what its like being a girl x100 lmao

Nick Z (ru) wrote: This movie might be got sexy women...

Dean H (gb) wrote: One of the most unique documentaries out there.

Martin D (es) wrote: A forgotten film that's worth a watch. I enjoyed it - mainly thanks to Cameron Diaz being adorable and Vincent D'Onofrio stealing the show with his spot-on comedic timing.

Martin C (nl) wrote: dull and pretty stupid! and wheres the skeletor cheerleader from the cover?... next!....

Knox M (jp) wrote: Apart from Sidney Lumet's direction, Michael Caine's performance, and its source material, DEATHTRAP is an immensely flawed movie.

Stephen C (mx) wrote: aka War of the Monsters. Some good old Japanese giant monster fights.

Michael G (fr) wrote: Barbara Stanwyck was amazing in Stella Dallas. She mastered tacky and grotesque magnificently, all the way from her "weight gain" to the final scene. The story didn't blow me away until the last 20 minutes but Stanwyck did such a great job at making you feel more and more uncomfortable in each of her scenes as the movie went on. Stella Dallas is a less nasty Of Human Bondage and a more likable Mildred Pierce, but for as more likable as the main character is in Stella Dallas, the ending did more of a number on me emotionally at the end. Stella Dallas is worth watching for Stanwyck alone, but for as... upsetting as the movie got by the end it falls into only-need-to-see-this-once territory, despite how good it is.

Alex r (it) wrote: Centurion is an average movie with good performances and it's a film that could have been much better considering its subject. I found the film to focus more on visual style than story, and it's a great shame because this film really could have stood out. I liked the film, but I expected a bit more as well as I have a great interest in the Romans. If you're like me, don't expect this one to be an accurate portrait of the Romans, because it's far from it, it'[s an action film first and foremost and it takes liberties to make this enjoyable for the viewer. The film had some good ideas as far as the story is concerned, but it kind of feels rushed a bit too. Centurion should have been better and though I found it entertaining, I really felt something was missing to make this a truly memorable film. The film is worth seeing due to well constructed action, which the film has plenty of, and the performance of Michael Fassbender. However, the plot just seems unfocused at times, and it loses steam halfway through the film, and that's where the action really makes you forget that the film average. The film is no Gladiator, and it should be seen as mindless popcorn action, which is what in the end this film is about. Centurion isn't awful, or mediocre, but it should have been better too. Fans of historical epics, might be disappointed in this film, but for action fans, there's still plenty to enjoy if you can forget the lacking story and average ton e of the film. Centurion is, despite its imperfections good entertainment that is average considering the potential the film possessed.

Grant K (ru) wrote: A disturbing, gritty, taut thriller featuring a menacing performance from Liotta in one of his best roles. The cinematography is magnificent.

Kevin M W (fr) wrote: A poetic look into a different culture that really isn't too different, simply remembering that it was at one time and wanting to hold that memory. A small coastal community of Maoris deal daily with being New Zealanders while not being entirely so, particularly hard for a young pubescent lass ostracized because of her sex, despite that she offers hope of continuing traditions. Good performances by all the leads though the story worries around a barn door being open long, long after the horse has already gone.