Amor Para Três

Amor Para Três

When a woman discovers her husband's infidelity, she decides to get divorced. But he still loves her...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:1958
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,  

When a woman discovers her husband's infidelity, she decides to get divorced. But he still loves her, and learning that another guy has fallen for her, decides to change places with him. He... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bengt W (ca) wrote: Stillsamma men mngtydliga vandringssgner frn Ceausescu-tiden skildras med vrme och glimt. Less is more.

Spencer L (es) wrote: Great and touching movie

Joanna B (it) wrote: The hero of our tale is a rather ordinary pampered pet chameleon (voiced by Johnny Depp) with some seriously kooky identity issues. Full of delusions of grandeur and with a thespian bend, the lonely terrarium existence sees the method-acting gecko spending his days fantasying about becoming a swashbuckling hero and placing his inanimate toy buddies in various acting roles.Until accidentally, the spindly armed, bulging eyed, crocked neck, Hawaiian shirt favouring eccentric inhabitant's glass cage is thrust out of the back window of a moving vehicle onto a Mojave Desert highway. Thrown literally into the spaghetti-western setting of his dreams, the domesticated lizard is tossed from car windscreen screen to car windscreen screen almost ending up road kill when he meets a sage armadillo (Alfred Molina), who directs him on a path to both enlightenment and Dirt. Stumbling through the desert and chased by a persistent hawk, he finally drags himself into the town of Dirt. A water-starved dry and forbidding outpost; dirt is inhabited by a menagerie or rodents amphibians, reptiles and sundry desert creatures desperate and with little hope left. Assuming the Clint Eastwood inspired persona Rango, the born performer eager to make a good impression talks-the-talk and tries to walk-the-walk by convincing the simple townsfolk of his gun-slinging prowess by spinning an amazing story about and his single bullet victory over seven bandits.An instant sensation with the downtrodden citizens, Rango is ushered off to meet the Mayor. The gnarled hard-shelled turtle (voiced by Ned Betty) encourages Rango to become the towns newest Sheriff (a role that has seen the demise of many) and help to preserve the towns most valued commodity; the miniscule amount of water in its bank. However, Rango's unwavering self certainty comes under fire when the bank is robbed and left completely dry. Forming a posse of various vermin; including a scaly but spunky Scarlett O'Hara inspired gal named Beans (Isla Fisher) with an interesting defense mechanism and an eye for our hero, Rango sets out on a journey of "True grit". Can Rango save face and find his inner Eastwood mojo? Will he be able to save the town by getting their water back? Or is there something more sinister than a bad patch of weather to Dirt's aquatic conundrum? A fitting satirical tribute to the western genre, Rango is a wonderfully crafted first animated feature from the George Lucas-owned effects company, Industrial light and magic. Marrying director Gore Verbinski who fashioned the loveable Jack Sparrow with the man who brought him to life Johnny Depp creates yet another highly entertaining and neurotically off beat character. Depp is the life and soul of this film, possessing one of the finest and nibble speaking voices in the business. Creating a wonderfully complex character complete with delusions, fantasies, insecurities and strength of spirit a recognisably human little lizard has never been so intriguing. Masterfully Verbinski; the mind that brought us Mousehunt, enhanced the vibrancy of acting by putting them all together, dressed up on a dummy set whilst performing. In this zoo of weird and wonderful, voices such as Ray Winstone, Bill Nighy, Timothy Olyphant and Ian Abercrombie seamlessly flows with the sun-baked symphony of a richly textured dusty palette in a time-bending, mind-bending, just-go-with-it adult animation. Although hinged for children on a distinctly bathroom style humour, the slightly risqu jokes to parents and cacophonous mishmash of film references from Man With No Name to Stars Wars, Gulliver's Travels, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Chinatown and even Spellbound, means the hard to identify taxidermist inspired characters camouflage its whirlpool of unevenness. The Verdict: Courage, greed, self-preservation, loyalty, determination and laugher are the morals by which a character learning that being different is not a hindrance to doing the right thing and believing in ones self can employ, and when four Mexican mariachi singing owls are telling your story, how can you not feel special?Published: The Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication: 18/03/2011

Tnu K (ru) wrote: simple idea, simple direction, but such a impressive result. all you have to do is feel the air and the atmosphere of the movie, it's all there

kenia g (ca) wrote: Saw it a long time ago...Thought it was really good...

Tuomas R (us) wrote: Poikkeuksellisen vhn toimintaa sisltv poliisijnnri jossa Chuck Norris metsst Mike Myersin kaltaista sarjamurhaajaa.**- /5

Naoya K (ru) wrote: This film makes it clear that innocence is madness. Warren beatty and Jean Seberg are just perfect for their roles. They embodies something intangible, which are, fragile beauty of human minds and love. All scenes are in tense.

David C (it) wrote: Watching the "Masters of Cinema" print recently released by Eureka is something of a revelation. The nuanced colour scheme standing in contrast to the palettes used by John Ford and matching a surprisingly complex character portrayal by Gary Cooper. An interesting movie with a meandering plot line which has aged particularly well and deserves revisiting by modern audiences. Possibly the pinnacle of Anthony Mann's career. Man of the West is much overlooked but easily stands alongside The Searchers and Red River as one of the best westerns ever made.

Jacqueline S (mx) wrote: we own this too sooo cute!