Amor y frijoles

Amor y frijoles

When a young woman suspects her husband is cheating on her she gets increasingly paranoid about his actions.

A typical story of Central American passion and the day to day lives of women who enjoy life, love and everything else. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amreen G (es) wrote: shot well. acting bril never thought ranveer could do a good job. sonakishi is bril.. story is ok.. 1t half good, 2ndhalf slow. but performancs and music make up for it..

Jonathan D (ru) wrote: Surrealism in the face of horror. Shades of Catch-22.

Matthew C (nl) wrote: Look, I'm not going to say this film is good. It's not. It's really bad. But it was a lot more fun than I was expecting. Cheesy CGI, extremely bad Egyptology, and some silly dialog. But there are also some clever gags and a couple interesting ideas. For a SCI-FI (or SyFy) original, it was surprisingly not completely awful.

3o r (gb) wrote: Max, the old boss man gave me a good laugh.

Michael C (us) wrote: A crazy, uneven jungle adventure, that is well shot, but let down by creative insecurities and some woeful editing. It's also stuck in a limbo between the trappings of the crew, and their exploitation film background, and the somewhat more upmarket American cast members. It leads to wildly inconsistent results, that combine tack with the odd flash of class. Genuinely odd.

Mindy S (es) wrote: I can't wait to see it again after all these years.

Ben T (de) wrote: Grease is a terrifically fun musical that has great songs and a great cast. It also serves as a great 50's adventure and combines great music and the time period to make a fun adventure that's consistently entertaining. It's a must see for fans of musicals and is kind of a classic in that category.

Brian R (nl) wrote: Perhaps the least surreal of Buuel's films but no less compelling for that. Part thriller, part satire of political, religious and sexual mores, it is laced with the director's trademark wit and style throughout. Jeanne Moreau is truly excellent as the saucepot who inflames the passions of all the men who cross her path.

Joel A (us) wrote: Mary Pickford (the Greatest Silent Star) first talking picture and not a bad film it was.Mary was a little stagy (so was the film to be honest) but as the film moved forward so did Mary's acting due to her stage history she was very capable talkie actress & was able to hold her own.She played the Southern Belle with Melodrama ensured it was a little over the top but this far more technically advanced talkie film considering it was made in 1929 the exact year of complete cross over from silent to sound.If you a follower of Mary this is a must....

John R (ru) wrote: 141011: Movies like this always make me wonder what the truth really is. Tragic story of which the producers obviously had a position. Not sure what the true story is, but always saddened by films featuring human hate. It's ok but can't give it more than three.