Amore 14

Amore 14


Come ogni 14enne Carolina, detta Caro,รจ impegnata a districarsi tra la scuola, gli amici e il rapporto spesso conflittuale con i genitori, si trova improvvisamente alle prese con i turbamenti legati al primo amore che ha il nome e il volto di Massimiliano. Ad aiutarla nel suo cammino verso la scoperta delle gioie e dei dolori sentimentali ci saranno le sue amiche del cuore e la sua famiglia . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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John H (es) wrote: Trite, cliche, naive, unrealistic, written for 12 year olds. Don't let the trailer fool you.

Bruno V (ca) wrote: When is Timberlake gonna stop acting , so he can make better music again like his first album , Good casting though , to let him play a smooth , spoiled , fatneck ...just as the first concert i did see him in live ...what an asshole thinking he was Michael Jackson ! 1 star for the evil Ben Affleck ...

Mirelle Q (es) wrote: Be ready to cry a river lol Seriosly one of the most BEAUTIFUL dramas I've ever seen, totally worth it XD Thank you very much for my friends that recommended it and now I recommend you, it's your turn to be touched by this story :)

Diane M (ru) wrote: Rotten tomatoes gave this a rotten review. The music is Exceptional and that in and of itself makes the movie worth the time to watch.

Nived N (jp) wrote: In 1989, Aamir Khan & Juhi Chawla debuted with ''Oayamat Se Qayamat Tak'' which is still referred as the best love story (inspiration of William Shakespeare's ROMEO & JULIET) After many years, ''Jaane Tu Ya...Jaane Na'' arrives which is a love story. Here there is neither parental opposition nor any caste discrimination, Heroine doesn't were chiffon saree and flirts hero neither hero breaks the petal of rose and say ''she loves me'' ''she loves me not''. The movie is about college buddies, within them Aditi and Jai. Both are best friends and more of a lover. The story is old-fashioned, no denial in it. But what work is the cuteness and refreshness in it. The screenplay is tight with so many lovely moments like the scenes focusing on the buddies, the sequence where Aditi's parents convince Jai to get married (hilarious) etc etc Believe me there are such great moments which I can't describe in words, also the climax which appears filmy too acts as a coolent. A.R.Rahman's music is spell-binding!!! ''Kabhi Kabhi Aditi'', ''Pappu can't dance saala'', ''Nazrain Milana'' ,''Kahin To'' all these songs touches your heart instantly (I still hear these songs even after a year of it's release). IMRAN KHAN & GENELIA D'SOUZA are just fantastic, there is no fakeness or over-acting from their side. They actually add freshness in their role, u emphatize with them because somewhere or the other u find urself in them. It is not only them but also the supporting characters who sparkles like the buddies, They compliment each other so beautifully. KARAN MAKHIJA is cute as ''Rothdu'' whereas his girlfriend ALISHKA VARDE is endearing as ''Bombs'', SUGANDHA GARG makes an undeniable impression as the feisty Shaleen and NIRAV MEHTA as ''Jiggy'' who delivers some genuinely comic moments. Even PRATEIK BABBAR makes his presence feel in a short yet significant role. RATNA PATHAK SHAH & MANJARI PHADNIS (Meghna) are highly competent. Overall, JAANE TU YA...JAANE NA is a refreshing love-story. Watch it for the fascinating performance, endearing characters and heart-warming moments.

Will D (mx) wrote: I was mesmerized by the events that unfolded in this bonkers piece of work.

Dave B (gb) wrote: Its hard to follow but in the end is ok. Could have been alot better

283 3 (mx) wrote: Neil Simmon hit it out of the ball park!

David G (au) wrote: There's so much depth and emotional value that's so strong and well written that you feel emotionally connected to each character. Spike Jonze grabs what Sendeck did in his book, and expands the plot into a deeper thought and further explanation into the main character then the book itself. There's also psychological thought in this movie with the character relating to Max and it's charming, sweet and beautiful.

Michael R (es) wrote: Visually beautiful film; an anamorphic picture postcard of rural New England. Well acted movie. The scandalous soap opera type plots and subplots are, of course, very tame by today's standards - nowadays, there are more explicit afterschool specials. Fun film to watch, if you like overdone melodrama.

Alex r (au) wrote: As far as remakes are concerned, Toolbox Murders is a pretty good film that captures the essence of the original, and modernizing them. In this version directed by Tobe Hooper, he tends to give the film a much darker atmosphere which is strength of the film because the original was pretty sleazy in its conception. Also a standout with this version is the fact that there is a slightly better plot this time around and the kills are much better done with more blood to appeal to gore fans everywhere. Toolbox Murders is a fine return to form for Horror master Tobe Hooper as his work tended to suffer quite a bit in the 1990's, which is a great shame because Hooper's earlier movies were terrific and are classics in the genre. However despite this short return to form, Hooper's work would fall apart again with his follow up, Mortuary. Toolbox Murders on the other hand shows that Tobe Hooper still can a good horror yarn when he truly puts his mind to it, and I think that he still has the drive to make other good movies. Hooper's direction with this film is top notch, and though it isn't perfect, this remake is pretty good and the cast do a fine job and are well cast in their parts. If you love Slasher films, then check this one out, it's definitely one of the better remakes in recent memory and it may not be the best film that Hooper has directed, but it definitely is the best film that he's directed in a long time.

Thomas C (us) wrote: Nothing of interest here.

Carol H (br) wrote: Much like "Eat, Pray, Love", "Under the Tuscan Sun" is unrelatable and shallow.

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