Amorosa: The Revenge

Amorosa: The Revenge

After suffering from a vehicular accident, Rosa and her sons transfer to the province. She hopes that the new place will heal the rift between her and her younger son, Rommel. Little does she know that their lives will be at risk when the vengeful ghost of the woman without face threatens them. As she struggles to find a way to end the hauntings, she discovers a truth that will change her life forever.

After suffering from a vehicular accident, Rosa, with her children Amiel and Rommel, transfers to the old Pension House owned by Rosa's aunt... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David H (ca) wrote: This movie was awesome to watch

Lhotse H (nl) wrote: I worked on this movie as the ski stunt coordinator and sucks, but the skiing/snowboarding is legit, and Greg Stump worked as 2nd camera...

Hugh H (ru) wrote: Fascinating. A unique twist on the biography doc format. The story of Ali told through the eyes of his opponents in the ring.

Luke N (ru) wrote: Because of my slight insanity i have developed over the years, i have grown incredibly patient, and able 2 wait through almost anything, so the way too long length of the lone ranger, didnt really affect me.I thought it was a fun, action packed, and very interesting (plot wise) movie. Although it was deffinetly WAY too long, i still liked it.

Tom W (it) wrote: Very good. I've always been a little scared by Frank Langella and his characters and this one had it's hard edge, but also its soft edge. So don't be scared off by him. It's worth seeing for his relationship with Lauren Ambrose's character. She plays it very well because you're never quite sure what she's after, but I think that's how her character feels as well.

Dave T (jp) wrote: this is not an undersold movie... you start watching it and you wont want to stop... and its long... but its damn good. recommend this for 16+ up~

Wes K (au) wrote: If you were to list and isolate the plot points of this movie, you'd never believe they could be stitched together, believably, into a film. And yet Hrebejk does so masterfully. It is a movie full of emotional range, from the most despicable acts to the most humorous. It is the way these extremes play against each other that makes this film so powerful. The characters are simply trying to survive as best they can. How they succeed feels even more honest for the humor.

Rich B (de) wrote: One of those movies you watch as it catches your eye as you change channels. Bad decision. This was a dumb movie with little to like about it. A bad premise with bad execution. Way too much "shoot-em-up" in a movie that was about the rebellious attitude of independent film. Maybe a spoof within a spoof but I didn't like it.

Sweet G (ca) wrote: "Where we Go One, We go all". Albotross

Juan Diego L (ca) wrote: Muy aburrida, la trama no me gust, lenta, haban escenas que se podan eliminar fcilmente y que ni tenan sentido para mi, y los personajes no convencieron, no siento apata hacia ellos.

Henrysmovieguide C (ru) wrote: This movie is one of the worst, dumbest, so bad it's good movies ever. There are so many plot holes and so much stupidity. I pity the fool.

Ben W (gb) wrote: of fellinis work its not one of the best but its still much more interesting to watch than most of the stuff out there. it has all the exaggerated personalities you would expect a film of his to have and i particularly like the music and the end. good stuff.

Stuart K (ag) wrote: Clint Eastwood rides again with his 7th film as director, and a light-hearted romp about old fashioned entertainment, and it's a feelgood movie in a way, with a good ensemble cast to it's name as well. Even the show that goes on under the big-top is quite amazing to watch. It's about a travelling Wild West Show, ran by Bronco Billy McCoy (Eastwood). It's a show that is slightly run-down, playing to only a few people and non of Billy's employees are getting much money for the shows they do. After losing one female assistant, Billy finds one with heiress Antoinette Lilly (Sondra Locke), who was abandoned by her new husband John Arlington (Geoffrey Lewis), who stole her money. Billy convinces Antoinette to join his show as 'Miss Lilly'. However, it seems like Antoinette's arrival brings bad luck to the circus team, they get into trouble with the police and the circus tent burns down, and when Antoinette's husband is arrested for the suspected murder of his wife, the team step in to help. It's a fun, slight adventure, about a simpler time and more innocent time. There's nothing particularly memorable about this film, but it soon passes by, and the cast including Scatman Crothers, Sam Bottoms and Bill McKinney work well as the circus team.

Kaiulani D (kr) wrote: The quintessential I-know-who-done-it who-done-it.

Michael B (ru) wrote: This film's plot is such a mishmash of ideas and action that it becomes entertaining because you sure can't figure what comes next, and are wondering when a kitchen sink is going to dislodge itself, go flying through the window, circle the house twice before smashing into and destroying the barn, possibly picking up zombie Rin-Tin-Tin (or Rinty, as we knew him in my youth) along the way. This film feels like they asked a writing team to fill out two five by five cards with an idea and then made them all fit in a script. The great puzzler is the"Fifth" which is not a person, but a nail. Sorry, I can't figure how you get to five. Plus, a final fifth flies in the face of centuries of Christian tradition of "The spear" which at least ranks just behind the Holy Grail. Too bad the hero's protective older brother didn't inhabit his new girlfriend's body while she was still living, since death of the host wasn't required in two cases.

Cody L (gb) wrote: Hilarious movie, and the cast does a great job and have excellent chemistry with each other.

Damon R (ru) wrote: OMFG! I swear. This movie will make Twilight fans go nuts. Of course, if you're not into Twilight, then you'll probably go nuts, too. Vampires Suck is so irreverent and crazy, even vampire movie fans in general will either love it or hate it. You be the judge.