While being interrogated by a police psychiatrist, the near-catatonic Tabitha tries to explain why she and two of her childhood friends are being hunted by a serial killer. The truth that's dying to come out weaves together three tragic secrets from their past. Two of the girls' boyfriends become unwitting targets in their deadly game.

Three women fall prey to a killer who carries a childhood grudge against them. These girls have great potential, "to succeed, be famous and shine", according to their senior class yearbooks. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zahid C (kr) wrote: Day: ThursdayDate: 14 Aug 2014Time: 11.00 pmWith: MaaOn: HDTV

Carl Omar B (it) wrote: Make another final destination movie come on already!! I love this franchise!

Charlotte S (au) wrote: This is the only film I've seen that has the ability to make me cry

Matthew H (br) wrote: This really had no moral value or quality to it whatsoever. This B-grade film does play on The 40-Year-Old Virgin a bit (if you watch carefully you can see). Most of it was over the top and sometimes even disgustingly stupid. Yeah, you can skip this.

Chelsea T (ca) wrote: it adopts many big movies and makes fun of them. lol

Chris W (it) wrote: it's normal to strike out in slow pitch softball.

Evan J (de) wrote: Very Bad Things is one of the most twisted movies I've ever seen. I was not expecting that at all. I went in completely blind. This isn't just a black comedy, it's a pitch black comedy. It's absolutely outrageous, unpredictable, and dark as hell! It goes from 0 to 100 real quick, no pun intended. The cast is fantastic. From Christian Slater to Cameron Diaz; each character is superbly written with their own quips and personalities. While watching I was very conflicted, I wanted the movie to end but at the same time I didn't want it to end.To sum it all up Very Bad Things is really disturbing and I enjoyed the heck out of it. Now I need to go take a shower. I feel like this is going to have an endless re-watchability factor.

Jeff S (mx) wrote: Carried by great performances from Johnny Depp and Al Pacino

Allison K (ca) wrote: There's nothing overwhelmingly special about this movie, but that's okay. It doesn't have to blow the doors off the place. It's a small, simple movie that is charming, heartwarming, and sweet. It's a little flawed, but it's okay. It's all just fine.

nicole (us) wrote: i would just like to say that in comedy you do stupid stuff that i what comedy is all about... chevy character had a thing for cops... which was because he was board with his life... same thing everyday!!!! he did what he saw on tv... which is like what almost every one does gosh! i love this move

Allan C (mx) wrote: Terrifically fun comedy/heist film from director William Wyler. Audrey Hepburn and Peter O'Toole are about as charming a couple as you can get a they plot to steal a valuable statue from a high security museum. I'm a sucker for heist films that involve getting around high tech security systems, whether it's, "Sneakers," "Mission Impossible," "Oceans 11," or whether it's 1960s-high-tech like this film, where boomerangs play a part if thwarting the system. The story is clever and fun, but it's really the cast, which includes Eli Wallach, Hugh Griffith, Charles Boyer, and especially Hepburn and O'Toole. There's also a pretty snazzy John Williams score (billed here as Johnny Williams). A good time all around!

Jaime R (br) wrote: Quite the ensemble doing such a fine job in this great comedy.