Amanda B. James is Amy, a severely disturbed, insecure young woman with a lot of gross habits. Joe Christ is her film-student friend who's been interviewing her for his graduation project. After it occurs to both of them that Amy has nothing really interesting to say about her life, she concocts a story of a "repressed-memory" flashback in which she'd murdered a playmate as a youngster. Is she telling the truth? Either way, she's out of her mind...

Amy is a story of a young girl who witnesses her dad's death on stage at a rock concert. She becomes mentally mute/deaf after this, and 4 years later discovers she can communicate only by ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hayden H (jp) wrote: Very entertaining but very settled to lesser form.

mark d (us) wrote: Accolades;Annie Awards Best Animated Feature NominatedGoya Awards Best Adapted Screenplay ngel de la Cruz, Ignacio Ferreras, Paco Roca, Rosanna Cecchini WonBest Animated Film WonEuropean Film Awards Best Animated Feature Film NominatedFestival of European Animated Feature Films and TV Specials Kecskemt City Award Ignacio Ferreras Won

Jessica D (de) wrote: Great book, great movie. Good start for Kirsten Stewart.

Denise A (ru) wrote: Ooh, a very good movie. A must see.

Dave R (kr) wrote: i'm a live and let live kind of guy but i've never thought the drug-fueled, alternative-lifestyle living, never-worked an honest day of labor in their life world of the artist was something cool. maybe it's my working roots... but that aspect of the movie turned me off. it worked on some other levels i guess but honestly i just couldn't connect with any of the characters... i didn't really like any of them. it's a well crafted story and the performances are good (and for those reasons i give it 3 stars) but ultimately it left me feeling cold.

Nicolas M (ag) wrote: Houlala... Ce n'est pas une daube complete, mais ca y ressemble bien. Ca a surtout trs mal vieilli (les fringues) sont a hurler de rire. Les Barbarian Brothers sont pas mal tartes eux aussi et l'histoire oscille entre le neuneu et le stupide. Un bon divertissement pour toute la famille.

Robert M (au) wrote: He's half man half shark!

Freddy M (us) wrote: Grade-Z "Aliens" rip-off starring THE 80's queen of scream, Linnea Quigley (she also co-produced). Needless to say a must see for those of a certain mindset, as everything about this classic is atrocious - the dialogue, the acting, the sets (both of them)... the special effects are generally pretty crappy too, but I gotta give props to the creature design of the "little fella" who appears in the finale.

Jimmy P (es) wrote: Yorga can rip off Edward Cullen's head easily.