An Alternative to Slitting Your Wrist

An Alternative to Slitting Your Wrist


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An Alternative to Slitting Your Wrist torrent reviews

RajanSatish P (au) wrote: Get blown away by this tale of love.

Tom R (ru) wrote: (1 1/2 Stars) I don't know who The Chaperone is made for. It seems to be for kids, but the violence (not that there is a lot) is a bit brutal and the film ends with a prison rape joke. It's not zany or fast as family comedies should be. In fact, there's little comedic timing at all. When there's a setup that could be funny, it botches. Anyone over the age of 12 won't laugh at this stuff and I'm wondering if anyone under 12 would laugh either. Take a movie like Kindergarten Cop, which I'm sure is the same audience that The Chaperone was going for: it's contrived, but it had comedic timing. A joke in that film works because it's set up properly, and has tension and release. Gags in The Chaperone simply don't work.On a positive note, you probably won't believe me, but Paul 'Triple H' Levesque isn't that bad of an actor. I'm sure with a good script, most people will find he can carry a movie. Plus, they got a good actress to play his daughter (Ariel Winter, who you may know from Modern Family). But the plot elements are so implausible and overly convenient that not even Laurence Olivier paired with Dakota Fanning could make this movie good. You may be entertained with The Chaperone's badness and contrivances, but that's not really how a movie should be entertaining you.

Leigha M (nl) wrote: Not amazing, good story line, but it was hard to execute.

Brian C (ca) wrote: Decently acted, but boring and very cliched. This movie has been done a dozen times already (almost an exact copy of Dark Remains)...

Samuel O (fr) wrote: Jack Black's spazzy acting makes this film an absolute laugh fest.

Ash E (ca) wrote: God I loved this movie. The freaking chemistry between these two, yes please. Sure the plot was pretty weak but the relationship made it for me!

Jhonny K (jp) wrote: i would to see this movie

Jonathan S (es) wrote: An unnerving look at where fanatical beliefs can take us. Beautiful and sad.

Steve B (br) wrote: Very good and original Thai horror flick. The cinematography is great and the complexity of the writing is great. This is different of the usual stuff. I recommend it warmly.

Alex W (mx) wrote: one of the best classic movies i have seen. jean simmons is gorgeous and seductive and does a great job of keeping you guessing. This film is full of surprises that keeps your guessing until the shocking conclusion. Its rare to see a movie that really surprises you especially one that is 60 years old.