An American Affair

An American Affair

In the early 1960s, teenager Adam Stafford (Cameron Bright) becomes obsessed with his new neighbor, Catherine Caswell (Gretchen Mol), a divorcée and free spirit. Stafford spies on Caswell as she meets with strange men, and, despite the warnings of his conservative parents, he begins working for her as a gardener. Amid rumors of her affair with President Kennedy, the two become close, but political intrigue surrounding her acquaintances soon infringes on their friendship.

In 1963, during the swirl of glamour and intrigue that turned President John F. Kennedy's Washington into Camelot, a lonely 13-year-old Catholic school boy comes of age. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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visitorQ S (ca) wrote: wow, what a brillant movie! 4/5

JAMES C (es) wrote: The movie improves the show. Jennifer Hudson deservedly won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress as Effie White, in my eyes surpassing Jennifer Holiday. The story of three girls in Detroit longing to be singers. The film is based on Diana Ross and the Supremes loosely. Beautifully done in every department. Beyonce, Jamie Foxx, Danny Glover, Eddie Murphy, Anoka Noni Rose, and the reason to see the movie, Jennifer Hudson.

Sarah P (ru) wrote: Not a well-made film. The concept was good and could have been developed a lot more. I felt like the characters were talking at each other, not to.

Kendall C (ru) wrote: Honestly, this should have and COULD have been better. the idea is kinda recycled, and kinda not. The origin of Megaguirus is very interesting and it draws you in. Unfortunately, when the monster finally makes his big time appearance, you quickly find out he's a lousy opponenet for the king of the monsters. The fight in the end is quick, mindless and clunky. Considering the talent of the director, (he directed Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla 2 I believe) this was a huge disappointment. Its a mediocre film indeed, but its miles ahead of several other Godzilla movies I can name. So if you're looking for a good 90 minute monster bash between your favorite monster godzilla and a tough opponent, you wont find it here. Instead you'll find the recycled cousin of Mechagodzilla 2 and Billolante.

Samuel B (de) wrote: Mildly interesting weaving of the lives of a few different women living and enduring life's struggles in Los Angeles. I don't know that I would recommend it, its definitely not an up-lifting movie but a bit more depressing...I wouldn't watch it again.

John A (br) wrote: Brian De Palma's 1974 Cult Classic, Is A Wonderful Mix Of Music, Horror, Black & Satirical Comedy. Combining The Phantom Of The Opera, Faust & The Picture Of Dorian Gray (As Well As Others) With An Oscar Nominated Glam Rock Score By Paul Williams (Who Also Stars As The Evil Record Producer). The Film Stars William Finley As Winslow Leach A Composer/Performer whose Music Is Stolen By Record Producer Swan (Williams), Swan Gets Leach Locked Up And Intends To Use His Rock Opera To Open The Paradise Theatre With. Leach Escapes And After An Unfortunate Accident With A Record Pressing Machine Becomes The Phantom. Few Revenge Scenarios Have Ever Been So Amply Justified, But The Film Is Also Constantly Aware Of The Satirical Possibilities Offered By The 1970's Music Industry, Exemplified By Gerrit Graham's Hilariously Camp Glam Rocker. Jessica Harper (Suspiria, Shock Treatment) Appears In Her Film Debut, As The Nave But Ambitious Singer, On Whom Winslow Secretly Dotes. Prodigiously Inventive Both Musically And Visually, This Is One Of De Palma's Most Entertaining Romps, That Satire's The Music Industry The Way 1981's Shock Treatment Satire's The TV Industry (In Which Harper Also Stars). An Extremely Entertaining Film From Start To Finish Which Features All The Director's Trademarks.

Ryan C (mx) wrote: After the dark is a movie made by the Illuminati to goad America's youth into killing themselves, but not before sleeping with older men (which unsurprisingly the Illuminati is primarily composed of) to prey on their fantasy of being hot, emotionally intelligent, A+ students without, you know, actually meeting those qualities. Anyone who did would immediately recognize this movie as an unusually rube Goldberg esque attempt from the late 30s mid 40s PUA community.

michiel s (de) wrote: one of the best movies baest on a true story

Steven H (au) wrote: Great individual performances and an intense story line prevent this movie from completely falling off a cliff of melodrama and hallowed suspense.

Aaron T (mx) wrote: 3* Art house/sci-fi. Pretentious and difficult. But often mesmerizing.

Olivier B (jp) wrote: One star to see Uwe Boll as the president, for the rest, it's a total mess.