An American Girl Holiday

An American Girl Holiday

Set in 1904, "American Girls" revolves around Samantha as she moves in with her grandmother and learns how to become a proper Victorian young lady.

Set in 1904, "American Girls" revolves around Samantha as she moves in with her grandmother and learns how to become a proper Victorian young lady. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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gabriel m (ag) wrote: i liked it a lot!!! :)

Benjamin D (jp) wrote: If you like the wizard of oz and would like a follow on story this is not for you its about someone who thinks they are dorothy do yourself a favor and save your time and money as this is worse than a cheap knock off film as it has nothing to do with OZ magic and anything else that made the wizard of OZ so loved

Sasha T (ca) wrote: Live long and prosper.

Jimene M (kr) wrote: This is an oldy but a good one. I happened to watch it again and thought I needed to bring it up. This is part of the Batman Animated Series. Many will not remember that this went out to theaters first. This story adds to the already great origin of the Batman. At this point, Bruce has just started being a vigilante but has not discovered the "Bat" yet. Bruce falls in love and is conflicted about his future. Will he pursue the promise to his parents to pursue justice or settle down with his love. Of coarse, her family is loaded with skeletons and it is obvious love does not win. The process of how the decision is made is heartbreaking for Bruce. This is very heavy on story so it is not punches every minute. Very, Very good story. All the old voices are back which is to say the voice acting is fantastic.

Terry K (br) wrote: I LOVE this film! Absolutely hilarious!

Minna S (ru) wrote: #2 (December 28th, 2010): The second try didn't make it any better, in contrary I had even less concentration to spare. The lobster scene still works, though. I still lowered the rate from 2 to 1.5 stars.#1 (August 30th, 2010): Jesus Christ. The lobster scene is undoubtedly the most random I've ever seen. This isn't solid film in any way and the quality of acting and editing is appalling. Also the movie lags severely so I didn't much bother to follow the conversational scenes. But hell, this Waters guy has some truly original ideas. Watching the movie alone gave me a couple of laughs and several what the hells. And this strange gratitude that people rarely ask me which movie I've seen last - cause I just might instinctively tell the truth and this is not the sort of movie that I'd want to summarize to random askers.

Eleanor O (br) wrote: Visually stunning film, bizarre but in the best of ways. The use of colour and cinematography are superb! A must see!

Ben S (mx) wrote: Strange and unfocused, this early Sam Peckinpah film is still worth a viewer's time.

Jeremy S (ag) wrote: Rio was a great choice for a road to movie. I love Crosby's serious attitude with basically the whole thing HA!

Jos C (au) wrote: La comicidad de Carrey es la protagonista

Roxy C (ru) wrote: If you've never read the book it might be... okay... just. But as a book adaptation it is abysmal. None of the characters look anything like they come across in the books - especially Dimitri. The tension and heat between him and Rose is lacking. And the story itself... its like they smashed together all 6 books and pooped out a poor substitute that doesn't even resemble the original story. Not to mention the fact that at least one of my favourite characters from the series was missing altogether. Ugh. If you are going to go so far away from what the books were, just name it something else and don't pretend that its adapted from the series at all. I could not recognise any of the elements that made the book series so fantastic. Utterly disappointing.

Giorgio P (au) wrote: Its got a good set up and the characters are enjoyable but it just didnt make me laugh out loud.