An Empress and the Warriors

An Empress and the Warriors

After the death of her father, a woman is forced to take over as empress and fight to save her kingdom.

After the death of her father, a woman is forced to take over as empress and fight to save her kingdom. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timm S (de) wrote: Weirdly, I Totally Got This. Never Had An Interest In The Cartoon, But I Think The Idea Of Having 'Positive Escapism' In A World, Reacting To So Much Painful News..It Is Something I Get & I Also Indulge In Escapism Of The Musical (Trance-Dance) Side, But Not This.

Jacob W (ag) wrote: "The Company You Keep" really wasn't too bad of a movie, but it had its weaknesses. The cast was wonderful, and I thought LaBeouf did a great job as the Shepard. Redford surprised me with his directing, The story had potential, but I thought it was weak and needed more to get its point across. I liked some of the twists; they weren't predictable. Overall decent

Alex M (de) wrote: David Roberts and Claire van der Boom were great in this. Ending came as a shock to me; very solid film.

Jenine L (au) wrote: I really wanted to like this movie....seemed like a really good, touching story too, but it was a little slow and I lost my concentration. The cinematography was pretty good.

Marissa L (mx) wrote: I absolutely LOVED this movie, I've been wanting to see this movie for so long and finally I was able to, and it was well worth the wait. There were so many parts of this movie that I never saw comming, it was heartfelt yet still kept me on the edge of my seat. Loved every second.

Bradley K (ag) wrote: Hypnotic, eerie and thought-provoking. I loved the scoring of this deliberately paced thriller. Great sense of space used to create the sense of isolation and claustrophobia.

Lisa W (ca) wrote: How about a producer picking some of our athletes today ? Well done.

Ajai K (fr) wrote: Van Gogh is about the psychological torment that the artist had gone through during the last days of his life that had ultimately made him to kill himself. His bohemian lifestyle and obsessive drinking habits along with his promiscuous affairs have all weighed a heavy burden on his conscience, this maybe partly attributed to the fact that he was disappointed that the artistic community was ignoring his greatness and not seeing him as they should have seen him.Van gogh goes to the country and in order to have a change of air , the movie slowly reveals his character and his mental disposition throughout the first half an hour with a certain tedious pace but it effective nonetheless. Dutronc plays the artist as a burned out but ever searching person - someone who need bouts of inspiration and doesn't how to get it and when he'll get it . The film never focuses anything on his artistic merits, infact all the pieces are given a backseat and there are no lengthy discussion on the aesthetics on painting except for a few sequences which are never given major importance. The film instead focuses on his relationship with the people who he knew for the last few days of his life- Dr. Gachet, his daughter, the mistresses, his brother Theo and his wife, and a lot of time on Gachet's daughter whose romantic involvement with him is a main centre story.Van gogh is tormented, although his proficiency and his creative abilities are never diminished, the appreciation that his art should receive is never conveyed by anyone. Everyone around him is either ambivalent or critical. This leads him into depression and contemplation of suicide, but every single time his art becomes the only thing that saves him.The film takes a lot of time off in showing the bohemian aspects of an artists career - the waltzes, the alcohol and cigarettes, the women and the merry mood that he enjoys. The love and romance he enjoys, the jealousy of other artists, in fact the film itself portrays van gogh as a human being whose artistic talent and lifestyle all becomes to much for him to take. His repressed emotions takes over him and goes on furious bursts of anger against his brother and the people he cares about and sometimes he's apathetic. He descends into places where he cannot return and descends into hopelessness, thought this is not conspicuously portrayed in screen. The final moments of thie film about the life an artists is a bleak one where Van gogh accepts his fate, and insists that he dies. This is the story of an artist whose profession drove him to tortured despair in spite of his greatness, the final moments are just bleak but very natural, with life progressing on without his presence but where he is never forgotten.

Cooper H (jp) wrote: Temple of Doom is far cheesier than the original start to the series. There is an awkward seduction sequence, the inflatable boat, and more are distracting, but Ford is just as good and Short Round is a fun sidekick.

Matt M (ru) wrote: A woman falls in love with a race car driver, and because she is not crazy about being in love with someone risking his life every race, she persuades him to give it up for her. The usual Elvis musical vehicle, this one actually ranks among the best because it's lively, but mostly because of the charismatic performances by the leading cast.

Consuela A (gb) wrote: This is a wonderful movie about those who held down the home front during WWII. Claudette Colbert is so beautiful and wonderful. Jennifer Jones and Shirley Temple and Joseph Cotten and Robert Walker -- they are all wonderful. I love this movie.

Anthony K (gb) wrote: A bit of a disappointment considering how strong this movie starts out. The script is a masterclass of exposition, showing the audience exactly who John Cusack's protagonist is through story cues and context. Likewise, the haunted house backstory is unfolded steadily and with suitable dread. After twenty minutes, I was hooked and eager to see what lay in store.Turns out, not much. The movie sputters on all cylinders for its remaining 80 minutes, stretching it's flimsy premise out for far too long. It would have worked far better as a short.Apparently Stephen King wrote 1408 as an exercise in revising a first draft for his book "On Writing." It should have been revised further. 5.0/10

Paul D (us) wrote: It is informative and covers a lot, but the pacing is a bit sloppy and I feel like they did not show enough footage of Ali's actual fights. Ali is an impressive man, but this documentary is only adequate.

Noname (fr) wrote: One of the best gangsta movie , more action/violence then boys in the hood but have a bit drama aswell.