An Enemy of the People

An Enemy of the People

A small forest town is trying to promote itself as a place for tourists to come enjoy the therapeutic hot springs and unspoiled nature. Dr. Stockmann, however, makes the inconvenient discovery that the nature around the village is not so unspoiled. In fact, the runoff from the local tanning mill has contaminated the water to a dangerous degree. The town fathers argue that cleaning up the mess would be far too expensive and the publicity would destroy the town's reputation, so therefore news of the pollution should be suppressed. Dr. Stockmann decides to fight to get the word out to the people, but receives as very mixed reaction.

A scientist stands against an entire town when he discovers their medicinal spa is polluted. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Taylor M (ag) wrote: One of the funniest movies ever!

Josef C (it) wrote: A one of a kind! Favourite movie!

George I (fr) wrote: Probably James Cameron's best film (haven't seen The Abyss). Still not on Blu-ray, because Jihad or something.

Joshua L (it) wrote: If it had a better director this could've been great. The story is actually really good and equally fucked up but because of its direction it comes off as corny here and there. It's still a pretty entertaining movie doh.

Graydon B (fr) wrote: Definetly gorier and darker than other Indiana Jones films, with some of Indiana Jones' most annoying allies, however this film is still a good film in many ways!

Beau D (es) wrote: Mostly schlock, though it is impressive how this movie jumps genres from sexploitation, to slasher, to rock biopic, to the great random moralizing at the end. Mainly just sexploitation, though.

Matthew J (mx) wrote: A scarier yet less intelligent incarnation than the previous Christopher Lee Dracula film.

Wes S (ru) wrote: Decent kaiju flick with an interesting monster that would appear in many sequels. There is a kid in this film but he's not as annoying as the ones in the rest of the series and the effects aren't too bad. However it is a very hilarious MST3K episode.

Nick J (us) wrote: Poorly done movie. Very cliche. Quite dull and shallow overall

Beth H (au) wrote: One of Cronenberg's best hands down. A film with many layers and a brilliant social commentary on technology and desensitization. Decades ahead of it's time and one movie I never get sick of watching.