An Extremely Nutty Teacher

An Extremely Nutty Teacher

After studying in the capital, the young Cate, 18, returns to his small town in Minas Gerais, to teach in elementary school. Enthusiastic, free and communicative, she conquers the students in the act, but its leading behavior does not appeal to conservative teachers of the 40s. Every day she brings new ideas. While they discover the pleasure of learning, the school friends also have the first lessons about love, friendship and freedom. And the schoolmistress not only winning students: the most beautiful boys in town fall in love with her. Created by Tia Cida and niece of Bishop Aristides, Cate grew up with his uncle's godson, Beto, who became a priest and return to the city after studying outside.

After studying in the capital, the teacher Cate returns to her small town in Minas Gerais to teach at primary school in the early 40's. Her way of teaching students delights and irritates ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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