An Insignificant Harvey

An Insignificant Harvey

A janitor at a small town ski resort, who also happens to be a little person, has his life dramatically change when he finds a stray husky and falls for an exotic dancer.

A janitor at a small town ski resort, who also happens to be a little person, has his life dramatically change when he finds a stray husky and falls for an exotic dancer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel U (ru) wrote: Had some scary points and overall is a pretty good movie.

Jacob A (fr) wrote: I expect more comedy from George lopez!

Jake M (fr) wrote: I know that back in the 2000s, Hannah Montana was one of Disney channel's biggest things. But why did people like it so much? I don't understand why anyone would like to watch annoying characters interact with even more annoying characters. As for this movie? It doesn't even fall in line with the show either. And a clear message about being true to yourself was flushed down the toilet at the end! UGH!!! This movie is filled with cliches and pointless moments. In fact, this whole movie is pointless!

Ramn M (fr) wrote: debera ser clasificada como comedia esta basura.

enhgerel e (gb) wrote: yaahavdee l kino, uil yavdal bagatai thdee yahvee bolchihnoo etr

Nic B (kr) wrote: Gripping drama of betrayal and deception - anchored by the tremendous Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, this is easily Woody Allen's best of the 2000s and close to his best work from a storied five decade career.

(ca) wrote: CAST: Vincent Kartheiser, Taryn Manning, Mare Winningham, Arliss Howard, Blake Heron, Michelle forbes, Shawn Reaves DIRECTED BY: Mark Milgard SUMMARY: Mason Mullich's family leads a life of quiet desperation. His father, Luke, a grain factory worker, tries to better his lot by running for county council, while his mother, Layla, holds the family together with heartbreaking determination. But Mason is somehow different - so stolid and unfazed, sensitive to deeper rhythms. When he meets Danny, the new girl in town, Mason's focus settles for a moment. But when an accident befalls the family and complications set in with Danny, a tragic series of events unfolds. MY THOUGHTS: "This isn't going to be a movie for everyone. Most aren't going to like the pace or the fact that there is very little dialogue. But I thought it worked very well for this movie and it's story being told. It's like their all suffering silently. No one speaking a word of how sad or depressed they are. The relationship with Danny and her mother is really upsetting. The mother is a complete BITCH. The things she says and how she views relationships with men. She tries her best to install those same thoughts on Danny which is where everything turns into a bittersweet end. Mason's character is a quiet, sensitive, and very reserved soul. He doesn't seem to be alive sort of speak. But when Danny arrives in his life it awakens him somehow. It's a bit of a romantic story of two lonely tortured souls coming together and mending each other only to have it end bitterly. It's an interesting watch if you want to give it a try. I recommend you do."

David S (br) wrote: One of my personal favorite films! The film's ambiance is very reminiscent of a David Lynch production, with long and slow shots, omnibus and foreboding sounds, hypnotic imagery, flourishes of surrealism, and an enigmatic narrative. Though the film is more linear than your typical Lynch film (it's more in the vein of Lynch's own "Blue Velvet"), the storyline still doesn't provide all the answers to the questions it asks, with a rather abstract resolution that leaves the door open for interpretation. A challenging film to be sure, and for those who enjoy the works of David Lynch will feel right at home here!

Vincent T (nl) wrote: Suite de "j'ai retreci les gosses". L'histoire reste sympathique mais le fait que a se passe en ville rend le film un peu moins interessant que le premier.

Brendan O (gb) wrote: About as Piss-poor and Cornball as you can get. Rawhead, who looks like a 6'11'' cross between the troll from Ernest Scared Stupid and Taz, isn't imposing in the least, maybe it's his LED eyes or that you can see the mask outline throughout the whole movie. Only a 89 min long movie but still managed to drag in places and lack genuine thrills, so the script resorted to mindless 80s violence where children and women are put in harm's way, gee, it like watching Pet Sematary 2 again.

UNGEZIEFER LOVING IT (jp) wrote: One of the most underrated films in history!

Sean D (es) wrote: This movie was really dumb and wasn't funny.