An Officer and a Murderer

An Officer and a Murderer

The true story of Colonel Russell Williams, one Canada’s most powerful and respected Air Force Officers, who committed numerous brutal crimes and was eventually brought down by a tenacious small town police detective.

Based on the true story, the riveting film follows a tenacious detective from a small-town police department as he investigates powerful and respected military officer Col. Russell Williams for murder and assault. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


An Officer and a Murderer torrent reviews

Paul L (fr) wrote: Really? I look at other reviews and I'm wondering... seriously? This is a film of huffing and puffing, of screaming and running, of such theatrical overacting that I'm surprised any scenery survived. As I downloaded the movie with beer in hand I had high hopes as I'm a sucker for a good old British horror. But rule number one surely, in any horror, is that we need a little jeopardy, something to empathise with, and the problem is that we have no idea, or really care about what it is that anyone is afraid of. Nearly, but not quite.

Brooke J (us) wrote: i liked some of the movie but would not watch it over again

Chris D (au) wrote: Couldn't help but think while watching this film as it reminded me of the old B&W "Ealing School" films, crossed with the film "Keeping Mum". Thinking more, I could imagine the dad being played by Sir Alec Guinness, Peter Sellers as the Uncle, Irene Handle as the mother and Herbert Lom as the brother. Perhaps Ji-Woon Kim the director watched old British films when he was young? Enjoyed the film though, very good! Recommended

James T (ca) wrote: How could only 56% of audiences like this movie? I had heard it was contested, but right down the line? Also come on, people, it's CLEARLY amazing. It won like 7 oscars?

Aaron B (br) wrote: Effective horror thriller based on true events!

Kay L (us) wrote: Good, but I enjoyed Marius more.

Bob G (it) wrote: Excellent film. The songs are great, especially Piece of Sky!!

Kellie K (gb) wrote: Super interesting and held my attention.. Which is hard to do. If a movie can hold my attention the whole time, it deserves at least 7 out of 10 stars. There were great actors and there were actors that weren't great. Overall I really enjoyed it. Takes your mind to other places and makes you want to question things.

Kevin J (au) wrote: Just no. I went in expecting a gritty prison/courtroom drama and instead I got a twisted, sadistic film that was not at all enjoyable to suffer through. On top of this, its portrayal of the Turkish people as absolutely barbaric and evil. However, even if I did buy that the Turks were this evil, I was unable to root for the protagonist, who I can only assume was intended to be sympathetic, due to his own barbaric and crazed actions, in addition to the fact that he should have been in jail anyways. It is not like he did not commit a crime. It almost felt as if the film was trying to convince us that the Turks were barbaric and evil and were out hunting for innocent Americans to jail. But, no, they were just looking for people smuggling drugs out of the country like Billy Hayes was.On the positive side of things, the acting from Brad Davis was very good. While I did not enjoy the film, I did enjoy his performance. His performance really elevated this film from being complete and utter trash to just complete trash.