An Unfinished Affair

An Unfinished Affair

When a man ends a regretful love affair that occurred during his wife's illness, his mistress plots revenge by targeting his family's most treasured possessions, a priceless painting and his son.

Art professor Alex had an affair with student Sheila because he thought he lost his wife to cancer. But then his wife goes into complete remission, and he dumps Sheila. However, Sheila ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew C D (gb) wrote: Don Knotts at his best.

Lanceton W (br) wrote: This movie is rated 40% here simply because most critics lack the capability to appreciate the film's true value.How much a viewer can get out of this 'movie' is purely up to the viewer's personal knowledge about China. If a viewer have sufficient knowledge about China, this piece is a priceless treasure that worth watching over and over with new insights discovered each time.Unfortunately this means not even many of the 'Chinese people' living on this planet nowadays would appreciate this film, let along other non-Chinese people.It saddens me to see this 200% film gets rated 40% here, however knowing this film is a diamond, rather than a tomato, dampens the sad feeling.

Bryce E (de) wrote: This was a great football movie. A good, heart felt sports movie.

Marilee A (it) wrote: Sexy ,Very Attractive ,& Young People devoid of morals or compassion play with the emotions & Sex Lives of others. Lacks the impact of Cruel Intentions perhaps because it's been done now & it just seems gratuitous.

Kade C (fr) wrote: An exciting finale to one of the greatest trilogies of all time. The Return of the King is a marvel of cinema, and proves that the final film in the trilogy can be the best one. A fitting end of all things that occurred in the wondrous and exciting world of Middle Earth. The only downside to this movie is that this is the end, and we have to say goodbye to a cast of characters that brought the story to life, and made us all want to live in their world.

Sherief Z (gb) wrote: Nice Comic Movies by my favorite actor

Stefan L (fr) wrote: Hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing for a long time. Who wants to be in Michael Caine's shoes ;) I wonder how long it took them and how many bloopers happened while filming. Also how fun must it be to actually watch this in form of a play. Might be a little insane :)

Samson C (jp) wrote: Not as 'cool' as the second one, this movie, along with Rush hour by Jackie Chan, are some of the best examples on how a sequel exceeds the first. Yet, like Rush Hour, this movie is AMAZING. And it had been in my must watch lists since 1992.

Beth D (it) wrote: When is this coming to dvd?

James H (nl) wrote: Overlong but good. Marlon Brando adds something to any film he is in. Fine cinematography and score. Disturbing at times, but it is a strong film. Nice direction. It should have been a film that stands out, but just isn't.

Ker Malkin G (us) wrote: Meh, they might as well go ahead with the reboot then.