An Unusual Affair

An Unusual Affair

Jochen Wenzel, a young teacher, married with two kids, one day surprisingly falls in love with a young male colleague, Tom Leuthner and they begin an unusual affair (= "Eine aussergewöhnliche Affäre"). While Ina, Jochen's wife, worries about Jochen's distanced behavior without having a clue of her husband's affair, Jochen and Tom seriously fall for each other. Torn between his family and his new love, Jochen has to make a decision. Written by Smoothhoney

Jochen Wenzel, a young teacher, married with two kids, one day surprisingly falls in love with a young male colleague, Tom Leuthner and they begin an unusual affair (= "Eine ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul K (it) wrote: Fascinating in a Chinese boxes kind of a way. Burton and Taylor were all about dysfunctional relationships, viz 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf'. To watch West and Carter playing out an imagined version of Burton and Taylor acting the relationships of 'Private Lives' is to take on a kind of vertigo. At the centre is the tragic relationship of Burton and Taylor, but it's echoed in each of the other dyads here. Fascinating in a slightly voyeuristic and obscene way. Issues of alcoholism and addiction, not to mention narcissism, loom large. A good movie if not a particularly satisfying one. I can't help feeling that this panders too much to our fascination with the cult of celebrity.

L C (gb) wrote: Amazing movie. From the actors to the music, this is by far one of the best MCU movies I've seen. This is a thrilling movie which also incorporates a lot of humor. I loved it!

DeAndre W (fr) wrote: I skipped school to go see a movie and nothing good was playing so i saw this and had no idea what it was and i have to say, i walked out with a smile on my face and even some tears too.

Gert Jan N (us) wrote: Tja. Meest slechte film ooit.

Frances H (br) wrote: I didn't find these characters charming, quirky, or even interesting. Why this film got such a high rating, I'll never know. It was rather flat, as were the singers in the songs on the soundtrack.

Brandon S (it) wrote: An abysmal, empty-headed rip-off of "Heathers". Here's a prime example of a movie in denial. A movie that can't even accept that it's a rip-off. Stupid, clich (C) gags and a cast of uninteresting characters. Predictable and unfunny.

Ernest A (kr) wrote: Seeing Catholic preachers abusing delinquent boys is heart-wrenching but the fact that there is a teacher who loves the boys and teaching makes watching the film twice as painful when you're a failing teacher yourself.

Sgt C (it) wrote: (56%)A solidly built spider horror flick with good direction, and a more than capable central role from Daniels. The movie will be unwatchable for people with a real fear, but everyone else can enjoy this above average, entertaining creepy crawly show for what it's worth.

Timothy S (ca) wrote: Although it's one of the esteemed director's lesser-known works, "Empire of the Sun" is ripe with themes acquainted to those who love the work of Steven Spielberg, and it feels very familiar. It's a worthy story centered around a conflict during World War II that not much is known about, and the filmmaker tells that story with the same passion and style that has become his trademark.Unfortunately, I also found the film to be somewhat cold and uninvolving, with a lead character atypical of Spielberg, a precocious young boy played by Christian Bale. He's difficult to like in the beginning simply because he's a spoiled brat, but I suppose that's the point. But after the war is over and the lengthy film comes to an end, you never get the sense that he has evolved.It's a rather unemotional journey, and you just wonder what the point of it all was. The film seems to shelter Bale (and the audience) from the true horrors of the way, and a great many details are ignored which would appear to be quite important and relevant to the story. Most notably missing, in my opinion, is the Pearl harbor bombing which is only alluded to in the very beginning of the film.It'c very clear that the filmmaker was trying to tell a very personal story against the vast backdrop of the global conflict, and these minor qualms could have been overlooked had it been able to better connect with its audience. Sadly, "Empire of the Sun" will remain one of the director's good movies among a great deal of great ones. Everything about it feels right but it left me rather indifferent.

Ian M (us) wrote: Italian neo-realism at its purest and most documentary, with some amazing shots of fishing boats lit up on the sea at night, though 165 minutes is pushing it a bit

Chris F (es) wrote: The Perfect Guy is about as generic as you think. The story adds nothing new to this genre. The acting isn't horrible, but it's nothing special. Michael Ealy plays a good, but very generic, psychopath. The man who played the detective in this movie wasn't great. The script is really bad. The dialogue in this movie is laughably bad. Also, this movie doesn't even hit it's so bad it's good territory. I only laughed a couple of times. I did like a certain plot point that I will not spoil in the film. But the film is very cliched. Everything you think will happen in this movie happens in this movie. Overall, this is another paint by the numbers thriller that adds nothing to the table. I would say I was disappointed if I had any expectations for this film.