A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Glauber Rocha's 1980 production "A Idade da Terra" (The Age of Earth), including unedited clips taken from the sixty hours of recovered raw footage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Anabazys torrent reviews

Parikshit R (gb) wrote: worst comedy ever....first part was good

Simon P (us) wrote: Fucking great documentary. Hit me hard.

Kelly K (de) wrote: This was a really enjoyable film from The Love Saga. I love that they decided to go back and try to explain the story of Clark Davis, it really explains a lot. I felt like a few of the later movies did not quite measure up to the quality of the earlier ones, but this one was definitely up to par.

Mohammed A (au) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Dorothy B (jp) wrote: one of my all time favorite movies

Wal R (de) wrote: Got it off amazon for ,4 recently, as i recalled it being a family film with a sly humour about it, and i was not disappointed. Wonderfully daft, irreverent comedy, and Hulk Hogan is hilarious.

Anna N (de) wrote: Horror = Not interested.

Do you even Jay C (it) wrote: *THE OFFICIAL BETTER THAN DRIVE SEAL*It is said that this is the film that made Jackie Chan a star, but that isn't really true, since Snake in Eagle's Shadow actually had a bigger impact at the time, and allowed Chan to make this film. One way we know this is that there are some two dozen films made in the late '70s- early'80's designed to imitate Snake in Eagle's Shadow, and only a couple imitate this film. By the time Drunken Master had become legendary world-wide, the chop-socky cycle (to which it still belongs, to an extent) had passed into history, and Chan himself had abandoned historical 'fu films for contemporary comedy-thrillers.It should be noted that the idea of making a film based on the early years of Wong Fei Hong was not original to Chan; at roughly the same time this film was being made, well-known martial arts choreographer Liu Chia Leung made a straight (non-comic) version of the story (without drunken boxing) over at Shaw Brothers, Challenge of the Masters, with Gordon Liu as Wong Fei Hung.The defining moment for the Chan-Yuen version of the film is the use of Drunken Boxing. There is no real evidence that the historical Wong Fei Hung was a master of this style; his more famous innovations involved the development of the shadowless hand technique and the no-shadow kick. Interestingly, in order to highlight Chan's use of Drunken Boxing, these other two techniques, better identified with Wong, are assigned in the film to the villain, "Thunderlegs" played by Hwang Jen Lee.At any rate, it would not be clear that one could consider this a Wong Fei Hung film at all - if it weren't for the fact that this film effectively redefined the Wong legend, so that it has since become pro-forma to assume that Wong was a bit wild in his youth. (Just to set that record straight, Wong was actually extremely studious, and recognized as a real child-prodigy in the martial arts, winning his first major public duel at the age of thirteen.) Drunken Master is solid martial arts entertainment. There are decided weaknesses in the plot and over-all staging of the film, but these can easily be ignored, as the film thrusts us along with kung fu and comedy to the grand final fight at the end. It must also be noted that these characters - even the villain - are well acted and quite likable and familiar, and thus add a credibility to the film. And Yuen's direction is also very professional and a couple notches above the average for a Hong Kong genre film of the time.After the unfortunate death of Bruce Lee, Hong Kong cinema entered into the brief period of Bruceploitation where lookalikes attempted to make martial arts films, many failed. Jackie Chan did martial arts very differently, he made them comic, and the fights in Drunken Master were slapstick in nature. Some are very comical, but they are all well done and exciting to watch. Like Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan is a skilled Martial Artist and possibly the man closest to him in the film world in skill terms. Like any film they is a villain in the piece, Thunderleg who gives Jackie Chan a good challenge at the end. That scene in itself is worth watching. The plot is pretty simple, but who cares? Its still stronger then some of what Hollywood can product.

Jeremy S (es) wrote: It took me and my very American mind a while to go beyond a smile when it came to English humor, but it sure was great when I started getting it! Hilarious.

Adrian Z (br) wrote: 1.5 - Unevenly told gothic mystery where the story doesn't even seem to make much sense, and becomes a tad tedious. Young Francis Coppola writes and directs, with some stylish scenes along the way, set to a striking musical score, but he has yet to gain the experience that would mark his career later on.

Jon S (fr) wrote: walter huston = ludicrously excellent

Grant H (nl) wrote: Bad movie. This prequel to the classic film The Exorcist tries to be scary by having $80 million worth of special effects go freak the audience out, but all it does is make the film predictable and tedious. While the performance from Skarsgard is good, the rest of the film isn't.

Onie S (br) wrote: A very enjoyable movie. It's not the last time we see Captain Kirk, but the last time we see the crew of the Enterprise together. Glad it ended this way, and not with part 5. Check it out.

Leon B (es) wrote: Review:I quite enjoyed this movie because it delves into a world of the unknown, when Errol Flynn's popularity was on a decline because of the various rumours that surrounded this flamboyant actor. The only problem that I found with the film was Dakota Fanning, who didn't seem to show any emotion from the beginning to end. Susan Sarandon and Kevin Kline were great but the script was quite glum and one toned. The movie is based on the relationship between Errol Flynn (Kevin Kline) and Beverly Aadland (Dakota Fanning), who meet at Warner Brothers studios while Beverly is auditioning for a role in a film. Beverly, whose only 15 but uses fake documents to say that she is 17, is swept of her feet by the dashing Errol Flynn and they soon begin a relationship and fall deeply in love with each other. When Errol finds out about her age from his driver, who went to the same school as Beverly, he strikes a deal with her mum Florence Aadland (Susan Sarandon) by promising her a career in Hollywood if she stays by Beverly's side, we're ever they go. Because Beverly is a minor, Florence isn't too happy when she finds out about there sexual relationship but she's adamant about her daughter making it in Hollywood after her dancing career is cut short because of a car accident which took her leg. When Errol Flynn's health starts to decline after years of drug and alcohol abuse, he dictates a will to Beverly which guarantees her wealth when Flynn passes away but as there isn't a signature on the will, it becomes void and Beverly and Florence are left with nothing. As Beverly lied about her age, she is put in a institute, away from her mother because she helped her with faking her age. After spending some time in jail, Florence writes a book which explains what happened between Errol Flynn and her daughter but Beverly isn't interested in fame and money anymore and she is drove to the edge of insanity because of the media attention which tarnishes her name. I found the story quite interesting and I liked Kevin Kline as Errol Flynn, which he played in Chaplin with Robert Downey Jr. but the storyline was just about a brief period in Flynn's life and I was left feeling that I wanted to know more about the man who lived life on the edge. Susan Sarandon was obviously living her life through her daughter and she even sacrificed her marriage to be with Beverly while she travelling with Flynn, which proved that she was craving the fame that she thought was taken from her due to the car accident. The chemistry between Florence and Flynn was great but Beverly just seemed to be following Flynn's lead most of the time. Anyway, it's a watchable movie, mainly because of Flynn and Florence but it lacked true emotion from Dakota, who played a major role in this project. Watchable!Round-Up:Kevin Kline, 68, is known for picking his roles with much thought and he's always been highly rated since his first role in Sophie's Choice and the Big Chill, which I thought was a great film with some top actors. He then became a household name with films like Silverado, Cry Freedom, A Fish Called Wanda, January Man, I Love You To Death, Grand Canyon, Soapdish, Chaplin, Consenting Adults, Dave, French Kiss, In & Out, Fierce Creatures, the terrible Wild Wild West, Orange County, The Pink Panther and the Conspirator starring James McCavoy. He recently starred in Darling Companion with Diane Keaton, Last Vegas, My Old Lady and the upcoming Ricki and the Flash with Meryl Streep and he won an academy award for his outrageous role in A Fish Called Wanda in 1989. I've always thought that he was an under rated actor who has always put in top performances and is able to cover many genres. His performance in this movie was brilliant but the script was a bit bland and unemotional in parts. This movie was directed by Richard Glatzer, 63, who brought you the highly acclaimed, Still Alice with Julianne Moore and a few small movies called Grief, the Fluffer and Echo Park L.A. He sadly passed away, March of this year, due to complications of als so Still Alice was his last movie in the directing chair, which he also wrote. Julianne Moore won an Oscar for her role in Still Alice along with a Golden Globe and a BAFTA so she owes a lot to Richard, who didn't receive any awards for the movie before he passed away. Anyway, I personally thought that this movie could have done with another actress in the lead alongside Kline and it needed to be a bit longer so the audience could get some depth about the characters.I recommend this movie to people who are into their drama/biography/romance movies starring Kevin Kline, Susan Sarandon, Dakota Fanning, Ric Reitz and Matt Kane. 4/10