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Anabolyzer torrent reviews

William E (jp) wrote: This documentary is important because it redirects the discussion on autism to be that is about autistic adults themselves, not the petty interests of the scienftic community,

Odeath S (de) wrote: 31 of 31 #26 - ARGENTO'S DRACULA.Let me start by saying that I love Dario Argento, his films came to my attention during the 90's and I found an awesome catalog of awesome horror and amazing music scores to his films " Suspiria anyone ? " and I love Tenebre, Deep Red, Bird With The Crystal Plumage, Phenomena, I mean the list goes on and when I heard that there was a Dracula version directed by Dario Argento I was like ooohhh this could be a new take on the old story or would he do something totally different.The end result.....what Bram Stocker's Dracula would of been with a lower budget.Again it pains me to say this but Argento totally dropped the ball here in such a massive way....the look of the movie is so cheap...the sets look like...sets...just poorly crafted.....the forest where a vast part of the movie happens has the feel of a set as well - there is this bright light coming from the left side of the shots that gets totally distracting - it kinda feels like a high school play.The special effects go from - hey that looks amazingly terrible to this scene where Dracula decapitates an entire room of people, the gore here its first class and the effects are right on the money....and it woke me up cause I was falling asleep at points in this movie.Asia Argento is here - and yes - she gets naked lol.The acting is pretty hard to swallow too - I am not sure if its Italian actors reading English lines or Italian actors dubbing into English - the dialogue feels like they are reading off a cue card.If you seen the Coppola version skip this one - there's nothing here that is an improvement over any other Dracula movie I seen.Sad this one did not deliver as I had high hopes for this one based on the guy who directed it.

Joao20 M (br) wrote: Nota: 7.2/10 - 3.6/5

laurie e (au) wrote: true telling of the death of the creator of the scarsdale diet, based mostly on the actual transcripts from the trial. some great actresses showed up for this one. very interesting to watch.

Evan H (au) wrote: This movie is hard to watch. It runs at a slow pace and has no real exciting storyline. It's filmed on low-budget costs (and it shows!)

Juan R (gb) wrote: The Flamenco is insanely good, but the film is built around the music, and what begins as a really intriguing plot line becomes a drab, slice of life, with an unsatisfying stilted ending.

ian h (mx) wrote: Funny but not hilarious......luckily De Niro and Crystal give satisfactory performances.

Kyle B (kr) wrote: A very strong movie from David Lynch with wonderful performances from Nicolas Cage, Laura Dern, and especially Diane Ladd. It's a very brutal movie at times especially the first 5 minutes but it is full of cool style and great art direction, sound, and writing.

Moore S (nl) wrote: one of my all-time favs.

chris t (it) wrote: "Any man who marries when he can be free is a fool!"

John A (fr) wrote: One of the great war films of all time, the film exhibits magnificent tension through glacial pacing, exquisite framing from the opening shot onward, and masterful performances from all, esp. Ventura and Signoret. Even though these resistance fighters are on the right side, the moral haze thickens as the film progresses, and what seems an easy decision early in the film looks much more complex and tortured late. Brilliant.

Blake P (au) wrote: I gotta say, I was not expecting to like "Arabesque", really at all. I adored "Charade", which was also done by Stanley Donen. Reading the reviews here, I was worried this would just be a carbon copy, but thank god it wasn't. "Arabesque" is stylish, "ultra mod", chic, and witty, which it does definitely have in common with "Charade". But there was something it has that "Charade" doesn't-- suspense and action. OK, it has some, but this is chocked full of it, and does not waste time on jokes. Modern is what ultra mod means, and seeing this, it is very obvious why that theme was so popular in the late '60's. Now that the Hays Code was long gone, movies could now have foul language and sex, and while I was expecting something more in that range, that's not what happened at all. This is in fact, a scenic, quick thriller that is smart and entertaining throughout. Donen makes the most of everything and brings out color and landscape, and makes use of great cinematography. Be on the lookout for some strange shots-- a lot of the film is seen through mirrors, doors, and even showers, which sounds odd, but is actually quite a sight. The highlight of "Arabesque" however, is its two stars, Gregory Peck and Sophia Loren. They were already Hollywood royalty, both winning Oscar's a year apart, yet they still had not made a film together. I think this was the perfect movie for them to be in. Loren has here Italian charms, thus plays an exotic, sexy spy. Peck has always been the likeable guy, and here he's a college professor thrown into a labyrinth of crime. Even with their very different characters, they have terrific chemistry and are the perfect sidekicks to one another, creating a James Bond like persona. I really like them in here, and make the snappy dialogue there very own. I love when great actors get together! It's magic! "Arabesque" might be campy, and even cheesy, but heck, it is NOT "Charade" and proves to be one heck of a wild ride. Recommended.

Cassandra M (es) wrote: Blood Sucking Freaks is often considered an exploitation classic, and is one of the select few Troma films to receive a reputation anything like that. It's not hard to see why this film is so well revered among fans of wayward cinema - the gore is disgusting, the torture scenes are extended and make for highly unpleasant viewing and there's an extremely misogynistic tone running throughout the film; something that is very popular with many fans of this sort of cinema. I definitely consider myself an exploitation fan, but I'm only going to rate this film as a must see for people like me; as in it's own right, Blood Sucking Freaks really isn't all that good. The film reminded me a lot of a HG Lewis movie, and the plot seems to take some influence from the "classic", The Wizard of Gore, as it follows a stage act. The stage act here concerns S&M and torture, and the "magician" at the centre achieves his realistic effects through actually killing his actors on stage while his crowd watch. Furthermore, the girls are put to use again for his own sick pleasure, and he has a cage full of rabid, meat-eating naked women in his basement...The main problem with this film as far as I'm concerned is that it gets too caught up in the sadistic acts and the plot doesn't move fast enough, so after a while it starts to get boring. Director Joel M. Reed clearly has an eye for nasty torture, however, as this film features some of the sickest sequences I've ever seen; chief among them being the guillotine scene, and the part where someone drills a hole in someone's head and proceeds to suck out their brains with a straw! Seamus O'Brien is the lead actor, and it's not surprising that this was one of only two roles for him. His acting is campy and silly, and I really couldn't see him fitting into any other kind of film...which is both praise and a criticism. The locations and special effects all look very cheap, and it's clear that this film was shot on a very low budget; but this grittiness creates a very unclean atmosphere, which helps the film overall as it bodes very well with the nastiness of the action on display. Overall, Blood Sucking Freaks isn't exactly a classic film for my money - but it is mandatory viewing for exploit fans.

Matthew G (br) wrote: I can't get enough of this film, Nicholas Stoller directed a masterpiece, job well done! A perfect blend of comedy and romance. I think the reason a lot of people enjoyed this, is because it's relatable, everyone has went though heartbreak, with the twist of this film not having a stereotypical ending. Also, Jonah Hill's several cameo's was on point. Jason Segal stole the show with this film, his personality / character was brilliant, and it worked so well.

Mloy X (br) wrote: Sonja Burpo (Kelly Reilley: Honey, you know you should have turned the other cheek, though, right?Cassie Burpo (Lane Styles): I did turn his other cheek. When I hit him.Colton Burpo (Connor Corum): Is Cassie going to get a spanking.Todd Burpo (Greg Kinnear): Heck, no. I'm going to teach her how to hit without hurting her knuckles.I figured this was going to be a bit preachy and overly sentimental, so I initially had no interest in watching it but free-HBO day changed all that. (Yes, I am a cheap bastard!). So, back to the film.It was not-so preachy, yes a bit sentimental but interesting nonetheless, the little kid was adorable and the acting was not too over the top; plus, the fact that I adore Greg Kinnear and Kelly Reilly probably didn't hurt either. Overall, it's inspirational (even if you have issues about organized religion), the story is uplifting and leaves you feeling a bit hopeful, I guess, and that's always good.

Jeremy V (br) wrote: A fairly entertaining movie with a solid premise. The acting isn't the best and it suffers from kid characters that exist just to make stupid decisions that drive the plot.

Tor M (fr) wrote: Medicre film about the deaf DJ Frankie Wilde. It's an OK story with some funny dialogue and some interesting characters. Otherwise there was not much in it for me. It's quite unserious and looks a bit rushed in the making. This mockumentary fooled me, thinking that it was based on a true story - a true DJ, not many DJ's and their often wilder lifestyles. It won't be remembered for long, and it's mediocre at most levels. The Coke Badger and some quotes and moments saves the film for me.

Daniel S (au) wrote: Part of the david gordon green repertoire before he became a comedy guy, this has a very distinct 70's style, with lots of zooms and freeze frames, and music similar to films at the time, which is very well done by phil glass, it starts out slow but gets better once the plot gets going, lucas and mulroney are good, bell could be annoying but stepped up when he had to, tho that lil kid pissed me off, his whole eating subplot was stupid and unnecessary, and im not sure how to interpret the ending but not a bad film overall