Anaconda III

Anaconda III

A mercenary-for-hire accepts a mission from a billionaire to capture a dangerous snake that could possibly help cure a terminal illness.

A mercenary-for-hire accepts a mission from a billionaire to capture a dangerous snake that could possibly help cure a terminal illness. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Anaconda III torrent reviews

brett l (ag) wrote: Acting saves it from being a complete flop.

Astro Chicken (ca) wrote: A potent blend of sci-fi, horror and buddy cop starring the wonderfully quirky Kyle McLachlan in a role reminiscent of his Twin Peaks character. This was a low budget production but one would hardly believe it based on some of the shots pulled off.

Tah W (kr) wrote: I only gave this a 1/2 star, because I was unable to give it a 0. This movie is HORRIBLE! It makes Pootie Tang look like a master piece; a Scorcese. Bad plot, overacting, although there are a few funny parts, I only suffered through it on Netflix for the sake of my 13 year old nephew who also agreed it was horrible. I'm not sure what Kel Mitchell was thinking on this one, not that "Good Burger" was good, but this makes his Good Burger and Keenan and Kel fame look tarnished. Wow.

Pedro M R (ag) wrote: Critics' rating of this movie are so full of it. This movie is GREAT!

Don K (ag) wrote: This thing really needed to come with a bong attached to the DVD box. A bit too weird, for the sake of being weird. Funny....a man who professes to harbor no perceptions and brag about his open mind, more than Milton Berle bragged about his prodigious schlong, certainly seems to have an on-going problem, no make that an OBSESSION with George W. Bush. Oh well...he's dead anyway; died a poor-fuck, had to rely on his band of whacked out followers to pay his bills in the final yeas of his fucked up life. Should have been a Republican, would have still been fucked up but would hve had the sense to hire some Republican financial advisers to monetize his popularity.

Nate H (br) wrote: Blah blah blah, everybody gets double crossed.

Alex V (ag) wrote: Un bis italien plutt gore, sorte de "Alien" du pauvre, car aucune squence dans l'espace !!! Mais la prsence du charismatique (?) Ian McCulloch ("Zombi 2" de Fulci) !!!!!!! A voir donc !!! ;-)))

Bengel W (kr) wrote: The scenery of the Australian outback is photographed with the human eye giving the framing allowing some of the spirit to come forth. Paul gives a unique and humorous look at the man of the outback that has been softened for the film. The aboriginal spirit however, allows the true essence of Australia to come forward in a beautiful rugged and primitive homecoming. Nibbles: Violet Crumble.

Kirsty P (nl) wrote: Enjoyed this film one of the better sequels

Julie H (br) wrote: Excellent true story movie! The main character played by James Cromwell was so believable. Very touching story! Loved it. Highly recommend.