Analyze That

Analyze That

The mafia's Paul Vitti is back in prison and will need some serious counseling when he gets out. Naturally, he returns to his analyst Dr. Ben Sobel for help and finds that Sobel needs some serious help himself as he has inherited the family practice, as well as an excess stock of stress.

Mobster Paul Vitti is released into Dr. Ben Sobol's care, where only more chaos ensues as Ben needs some serious help himself after inheriting the family practice, as well as an excess stock of stress. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike T (nl) wrote: It was a movie that was kind of artsy and it had its moments. I did not like it. But I am tough to please. I missed the point of the movie. It was ok in hindsight. I didn't like it, because I have a messed up way of watching and reviewing movies... to be honest the movie was an alien species and for some reason, I just hated it. It was somewhat watchable and decent in hindsight, but maybe I'm too innocent and childish to appreciate something like this. It is a prediction of a future that nobody wants to be a part of. Too out of touch for me. I did not like it. It was an alien species. I did not understand this movie. It left me with a huge shock and confusion. Maybe I am already done.

Glen W (kr) wrote: Horror film that tries to blend supernatural and high tech. I've seen worse but not many.

Shanna C (kr) wrote: Worse than your standard slasher, very disappointed, did not even make me nervous.

Rawballs B (au) wrote: Duff nailed her character and the ghost friend enjoyed her...

Brian C (jp) wrote: The emotional cruelty on display here is more brutal than any number of Saw films. But it's an intoxicating, deeply chilling look at humanity at its worst in everyday situations. Aaron Eckhart plays one of the most convincingly evil and hate-able characters ever conceived. It's not at all pleasant to watch, but it makes a lasting impression. Neil LaBute is the kind of writer who is almost sociopathic towards his audience, but makes such an unforgettable impression with his work that it becomes addicting.

Theo C (de) wrote: My favourite movie of all time. Surrealism, film noir, and comedy in one very odd package.

Leon B (fr) wrote: Memento has one of them moments were it's back to the middle or back to the start half way through the movie. Guy Pearce plays a man by the name of Leonard who has short-term memory loss, but sort of knows his way around how to get what he wants and that's the person who killed his wife. Great movie.

Daniel C (ca) wrote: A beautiful tragedy that one can only hope will influence American filmmaking